One of the things I like about the arrival of the cold season is the possibility of a change to the furniture and home decor to adapt both within a few hours of sunshine and falling temperatures … and, incidentally, for to vary. It is evident that in winter is when we will spend more time indoors, so we have to prepare to be as welcoming as possible, both for us and for those who visit us. Today I mentioned and explained 10 good reasons to complete your decor for these dates with or more! Carpet, you can follow if you want to give your home more and better…

1) Warmth

At these stations, the choice of a carpet is mainly due to the search for thermal protection. This is a truly functional textile complement, as its placement works in two directions and, on the one hand, insulates from the cold that can transmit the material it is made the ground but also retains heat in the room either natural or from any source of heat. This not only makes it much more pleasant environment but contributes to saving energy very beneficial for both the environment and our pocket.

10 Benefits of decorating with rugs2) Acoustic

Carpets not only attenuate the noise of the constant footsteps, especially annoying in areas of frequent passage as the hallway or -if fastener- the stairs, but ground cover is a very effective technique to absorb the sounds from many apparatus for continuous use at home, such as computers, telephones or appliances. Added to this, where we do want surround sound, as when watching a movie or listening to music, smooth fabrics can contribute to back the more balanced audio and harmonious.

3) Security

Especially if we think of the smallest of the house, have surfaces that cushion falls and slips reduce a guarantee against a bare soil cannot compete. But we must be careful not to turn the corners of the carpet just an obstacle that could cause tripping, so it is important to always align these pieces with other furniture so that nothing is out of place and may pose no danger or discomfort.

4) Comfort

The sum of the first three advantages gives us the fourth of them, one of the most important. And it is that if something makes a good carpet any room is cozy. It is very important that several practical qualities combined distil emotional feelings as much weight when characterizing our home. The use of carpets, according to some studies, even assumed an indicator of greater happiness in the house.

5) Conservation

Just as ground cover is a solution to reduce damage of all that passes over the carpet, it is also a very effective way to protect the surfaces and make them durable. Use carpeting in passageways, such as the hall, or in the bedrooms that are going to be busy in the coming weeks, it is a good solution for most colorful and delicate materials like parquet not suffer in these seasons of great influx . In this case it is advisable that you choose more resistant materials carpets and suffered colors, such as synthetic fibers and dark tones.

6) Hygiene

Besides a good neutralizer noise, carpets also absorb a very effective way of particles circulating in the environment in our rooms. Therefore have one of them will mean having a tack magnet that will not only controlled domestic mites to keep more clean the house, but it will reduce the causes of ailments as annoying as dust allergy or, if times more hot, pollen. Consider that, in this way, when general cleaning, much of the dirt will be concentrated at one point instead of constantly fly over all surfaces.

7) Maintenance

Continuing the theme of cleanliness, this type of textiles not usually require extensive maintenance, think they are made to endure in such a position as sacrificial be a second floor. Depending on your textures and materials, each require about particular products and techniques, but the frequency of cleaning is much wider than required any soil and also tolerates most simple home remedies recommended in case of special stains.

8) Style

One of the most obvious advantages is to opt for a carpet is a safe bet decorative. The combination of models, sizes, designs, shapes, colors, techniques and materials possible offers endless possibilities for any space and in accordance with any style. The simple fact adds an element of decor on the ground is already a stylistic variant, a challenge that is not found in all interiors. Always I encourage you to play with perceptions that both the colors and textures can create an almost magical way and a carpet is an element that gives much play to such combinations.

9) Versatility

If what you seek is a remarkable change, not only in the style of the house, but even the life forms that may condition its decoration, the use of carpet you will love. Changing habits within our home can be a very positive step and, with the ground covered, we especially extend our spaces beyond furniture. Thus, the soil will become a new possibility of reading area, games, dinners, etc. It is also important to note the shaper effect offering these textiles, so they work perfectly in spaces without walls we want to split, or otherwise prolong, relying on the visual with the use of one or more carpets combined to demarcate areas.

10) Economy

Summarized all the above, we can conclude that a carpet offers a value more than satisfactory, as there is a range of budgets that can conform to any requirement with surprising results. Its durability and all the benefits make this decorative element in a guarantee of success.

I hope I have helped recantations by the use of this element in your decor winter!