A 30% of the population suffer from a sleep disorder and 10% chronic insomnia. We all know the importance of a good rest, and this does not only consist in sleeping an adequate number of hours (around seven or eight, depending on each person), but also we must make sure that while we sleep we have a quality rest.

Why is an adequate decadence so important? Basically it is due to the fact that during the sleep hours our organism enters a period of recovery in which actions such as the production of growth hormone or the regeneration of the tissues are carried out. A bad rest can lead to a weakening of our immune system, this can lead to other pathologies.

If you are in that group of people who find it hard to fall asleep at night, it is possible that in Yoga you can find a powerful ally to solve it : we explain why.

In the case that insomnia is caused by external causes such as stress and anxietyor day to day situations that cause us nervousness (a new job, a move, etc) it is possible that Yoga helps you to control it. Anyway, we can not forget that insomnia and sleep disorders can have other causes (hormonal imbalances, metabolic or rheumatological diseases) that should be diagnosed by a specialist.

The practice of Yoga acts on the parasympathetic system, responsible for reducing stress in our body

Why Yoga can be a good ally against insomnia? Sometimes the fact that we can not fall asleep is due to an excited nervous system: the practice of Yoga activates our parasympathetic system , which is responsible for the production and restoration of body energy. In other words, is responsible for reducing the state of stress of our body.

The slow and deep breathing that is used in the practice of Yoga also acts as a powerful relaxant : it helps us in this way to put an end to the muscular tension that often prevents us from sleeping. Relaxation or visualizations guided by a professional are also part of the practice of Yoga : another of the great helps that can help when it comes to restoring our sleep cycle.

Both the inverted postures (of which we have already spoken before and on which we already know that help us regulate our hormonal cycles) and the forward bending postures are indicated when relaxing and helping us to fall asleep. Integrate them into your routine before going to bed and see if Yoga can really help you when it comes to fighting insomnia.