What to eat before training? Nutrition for the challenge

We have already started with the new challenge in which we aim to achieve our first 5K together and for it, not only is important to know how to train but to supplement with a good diet, so, today we leave you some nutrition advice to help you Overcome this challenge successfully.

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Pre-Training Nutrition

Since together we will start preparing for our first 5K, today we leave some tips for pre-training food that will aim to offer us the energy needed to contribute to performance as well as prevent unwanted accidents during the effort.

We therefore advise that pre-training food should have the following characteristics

  • To offer energy of slow assimilation and / or low glycemic index, so that just when we start running we start to get the energy of what we ate previously and thus, we do not lack substrates to give the best of us. Some options may be muesli, oats or cereals combined with fresh fruit in chunks with a few nuts or almonds. Or, oats with milk or rice with milk to obtain a protein that slows the digestion of cereals.
  • Being limited in sugars or sweets , since these offer energy, can generate a very high glycemic response and thus, produce a sudden release of insulin that causes a sudden drop in glucose or reactive hypoglycemia, which will leave us without strength, and We will cause discomfort that will prevent us from performing properly. Thus, snacks, soft drinks, industrial pastries or the use of sugar or honey in large quantities should be avoided.
  • Favoring hydration, therefore, must have foods rich in water like fruits and / or vegetables, and also, provide liquids that can be water, milk, juice or milkshakes.
  • Culminate at least 40 minutes before starting the effort, otherwise, we will be in full digestive process when we start running and this can cause stomach upset as well as hamper performance.
  • Being familiar, that is, it is advisable not to totally change our pre-training food, if we are going to train after breakfast and always have toast with jam, maybe we can add fresh fruit, water or milk but it is not advisable to totally change the food or Ing new foods just before going out for a run, the best thing to do if we want to totally change this food is to try new foods away from the pre-work schedule.

Always remember that a balanced and nutritious diet is recommended if you want to take care of your health and perform at its maximum without problems, therefore, you should not only take care of pre-work but also the rest of the food you eat throughout the day.

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