The burning sensation, numbness or we pierce your knee known as paresthesia. The signs may change or even combined during the time when the discomfort occurs. The burning of the knee usually associated to a sensory nerve has been damaged, usually by a physical injury.

The real problem is given when the burning of the knee occurs not only in this, if not that similar symptoms occur in different areas of the body. This would signal a possible multiple sclerosis. In any case, burning, tingling, pricking, numbness in any area of our body should be supervised by a physician who can rule out serious causes.

What to do about the burning sensation in the kneeCauses of burning knee

Sometimes the source of the discomfort has to do with some activities or positions that we carry out. For example, if the pain occurs after sport could be facing abursitis, which is inflammation of the bursa. Patellofemoral syndrome, which occurs when the kneecap pushes the side dela knee. Osteoarthritis, in which the cartilage gradually deteriorating or tendinitis s, affecting tendons that attach to the tibia knee.

Now let’s see other reasons why our knee can be resenting and provoking an uncomfortable and painful burning sensation and little or nothing to do with sports. It is true that simply make improper use of our knees we abuse them or even making them travel long walks which are not used or we catch a lot of weight in an improper posture.

Sciatica is a set of signs ranging from pain to irritation and may be the reason for which we burns or knee hurts us.

Osteoarthritis is usually related to wear and tear of aging. There are several types of arthritis, including some common among young people, and can affect the knees.

Diabetes is also a possibility, but the real problem is generated inability to assimilate body sugar.

Hypertension assumes that the affected blood pressure is higher than normal and is difficult to diagnose well. This disease can have as a symptom burning knees.

Injuries, flu, varicose veins … are still many more reasons why a knee can have the burning sensation. The most successful will go to our doctor, who will look for other symptoms that relate the problem to get a diagnosis.