Ways to Keep an Elderly Disabled Person Well During the Winter Months

Winter is a particularly difficult and worrying time for an elderly person, particularly if they have a disability. The low temperatures as well as the ice and snow can cause illness and injury – here are some ways that you can prepare the home for the winter months to help keep an older person safe…

Make sure that the home is warm enough. Check that the heating works and get some thermometers for the main rooms – the bedroom and the living room. It is a good idea to have the boiler checked by a professional before winter sets in as that way if there are any problems they can be resolved before it gets too cold.

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Make sure that the risk of trips and falls are reduced by getting some mobility aids from somewhere like https://www.abilitysuperstore.com/ – things such as grab rails to hold onto as well as ramps are a good idea. Also make sure there is adequate lighting and no loose carpets or rugs which are also a trip hazard.

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Food and nutrition are particularly important during the winter months. Warm hearty foods such as stews and soups are a good idea, and if the person has trouble preparing their own meals there are delivery services which can supply hot meals to people. It is also a good idea to keep plenty of hot drinks in the home to drink regularly.

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