Tips to avoid dry mouth in spring because of allergy

We are in pollen season and therefore allergies appear in many people. This makes our general condition worse, because the airways are affected with excess mucus, dryness … For this reason in this post we want to stop on how to combat a bad collateral that appears with allergy, it is about dryness of the mouth and the constant desire to drink water.

Normally, dryness of the throat usually occurs for several reasons. In the spring the main one is allergy, as our body experiences difficulties in the respiratory tract such as the secretion of mucus, obstruction of the nose, which makes us breathe through the mouth, thus increasing the dryness of this part of the body and giving us the sensation of constant thirst. For that reason we are going to give some advice to avoid this sensation to the maximum.

Keep the throat moist

First it is important to keep the throat moist to avoid irritation of it. To achieve this, it is best to drink liquids constantly. The way to do it will be very simple, and it is simply important to moisten the throat with simple and short drinks of fluids that will keep this part of the body hydrated and at the same time free of mucus that can aggravate the problem of dryness.

We can also make use of some liquid solutions that will improve the asepsis of the throat and will recover much better and faster its normal state. Drinking constant water and occasionally taking a spoonful of honey is a good choice, as well as ingesting tea infusions with lemon or tea with honey … This will help us to find ourselves much better without hardly realizing it.

Maintain constant salivation

Another trick that can serve us is to maintain constant salivation to improve the hydration of the throat. To achieve this we can use candy to help us keep the throat lubricated. Chewing gum is another alternative, although there are people who do not tolerate it too much and it gives them gas, that’s why it’s better that we opt for candies. In addition, there are painkillers for when the throat is sore.

Use humidifiers

We can also take external measures such as the use of humidifiers to make the environment more humid and the dryness is less. These devices will help us breathe much better and thus avoid dryness. Using seawater to clean the airways is another external alternative that we can use to get better breathing and thus reduce the time we breathe through the mouth.

It is true that when dryness is high and breathing is not correct, it is best to go to a specialist to examine us and see what is causing this condition, as it may be necessary to follow a special treatment to improve with the passage of time.

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