Tips for preventing otitis in summer

Ranking first in pediatric emergencies, otitis is suffered by 1 in 3 Spaniards in summer as a result of pressure changes, air currents or dips that our ears are subjected at this time of year. We give you some tips to prevent this ear infection.

Symptoms of otitis

The feeling of atrial tamponade, hearing loss (hearing loss) or autophony (hear yourself) due to the phenomenon of vacuum generated in the box in the middle ear is part of the first phase comprising the symptoms of otitis. In this first part, the patient may suffer symptoms of imbalance by the collapse of the stapes footplate in the labyrinth generated by the low pressure in the middle ear.

Tips for preventing otitis in summerIn a more advanced stage there may be other symptoms more general as fever, tiredness, vomiting or even unrest. When the doctor performs the appropriate professional supervision, you will see a bulging eardrum. In the same instant the eardrum is perforated and suppuration begins to drain, symptoms begin to improve, to the point that many of them will begin to disappear gradually.

Complications of otitis

The complications that can unravel this condition can range from an infectious-inflammatory process known as acute mastoiditis, pollution of the labyrinth by the virus called serous labyrinthitis, facial paralysis retention suppuration or facial nerve injury or meningitis, although this last it appears rarely.

How to prevent ear infections in summer

Studies confirm that in the summer 1 in 3 Spaniards suffer from ear infections, so now more than ever is when we must pay attention to the health of our ears. In GAES we propose some tips to keep in mind, of which we want to echo in our health blog.

We have to take at least two liters of water a day, because the dehydration can cause tinnitus, by reducing the volume of blood in circulation and lower blood pressure than usual. Children and the elderly are more prone to this type of situation, so we have to take care to ingest all necessary liquid in the hot days. You may also like to read:

The Pressure changes when we travel by plane become one of the workhorses that many people, more sensitive to such changes, must face. These pressure changes can cause aural discomfort to the point that store a temporary hearing loss. In these cases, we must avoid falling asleep on takeoff and landing. Tounclog, we can yawn, chew gum or candy.

But if we are to be careful when traveling by plane, the same when we do drive. In the latter case, we have to avoid the entry of pollen when the window down because it can worsen our allergy symptoms and damage our hearing.

It’s the time of beach and pools, aquatic environments in which we have to take precautions to protect the health of our ears and prevent the formation of an otitis. In this regard, we must ensure that water is not contaminated to not suffer ear infections, delve slowly in the water so that the latter does not penetrate abruptly in our ears and keep dry and clean ears after each wash.

The Equipment air conditioning lower levels of humidity generated as a result of a cold and dry as artificial atmosphere that end up affecting our airways. When we turn to the fairs or concerts, we must stay away from very strong or located a short distance noise.

Equally, we must avoid using sticks because they can hinder the natural cleaning system of our ears.

In any case, before any symptoms or discomfort, it is advisable to go to our medical specialist. Find out more health tips.

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