If, like me, you have begun recently with a vegetarian diet, or if you are considering you start with it, sure you doubts arise million. Do I need supplementation? Can I be a vegetarian if I am a sportsman? Would I be missing

Tips for a complete vegetarian and vegan foodWe make a brief summary of the most important ideas that you may have also written:

  • Vitamin B-12: vegans should be supplemented or yes, and vegetarians should also do so if they do not consume three servings of dairy or eggs a day. This is one of the things I’ve improved over time, because I did not at first me and now I supplemented them (in this post Lucia Martinez can find the best supplements of vitamin B-12).
  • Omega-3: no problem in making a strictly vegetable intake. Here is a selection of the main sources of Omega-3 that are not of animal origin.
  • Calcium: we do not need that comes strictly from dairy, because we can find it in nuts and legumes. In this post you can see which vegetables contain more calcium are, and in this some calcium – rich options vegan snacks. Remember introduce strength training!
  • Iron and anemia: can increase the bio availability of iron from legumes and leaving them to soak the (not fried!) Consuming them roasted nuts. We can also combine them with vitamin C.
  • Vitamin D: sun 20 minutes a day and consume vegetable oils ensures a good supply of this vitamin.
  • Protein: the great concern of vegetarian athletes. We can consume cereals, legumes and nuts, which have higher biological value that protein from meat.

Remember that a vegetarian diet is an option within the food supply today, and is completely secure with a well organized diet.