The type 2 diabetes is unlike type 1 diabetes a condition caused by our lifestyle, because although there is usually genetic predisposition, there are other factors that influence the appearance of it and we can hold them off as we show then.

Although it was always considered the diabetes of adulthood, there are already children who have type 2 diabetes because of a marked overweight that, accompanied by a lifestyle, begin to generate an insulin resistance that prevents glucose levels from being controlled well in blood .

We tell you all the factors (modifiable and not) that influence the development of type 2 diabetes and how to control those that are within our reach.

Excess weight and body fat

When the overweight is very marked, the whole organism begins to malfunction and the fat deposits increase to levels that causes the infiltration of lipids outside the adipose tissue itself .

This causes that among other things, we can find fat in the liver , heart, pancreas and other organs and this produces inflammation as well as a metabolic alteration such that is responsible for the insulin resistance , that is, that our cells do not respond as before to the action of this hormone that reduces sugar or glucose circulating in blood.

Thus, a high weight and even more for a long time is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes . It is a perfectly avoidable factor and that we can modify to control or even avoid the disease, because achieving a healthy weight can reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes by up to 60% .

Poor quality diet

Dietary factors that can generate obesity are also usually responsible for metabolic alterations that over time influence the development of type 2 diabetes.

Thus a diet rich in refined flours and sugar, processed meats, alcohol and concentrated in calories can favor the presence of type 2 diabetes.

Changing the way we eat is perfectly possible if we strive for it and therefore, change refined cereals by integrals , choose homemade food instead of fast food, fresh meats and especially fish to replace processed meats as well as avoid added sugars It can be very helpful in preventing type 2 diabetes or controlling its presence in the body.

Foods rich in fiber will also be of great help as is the case of legumes , fruits and vegetables or whole grains.

Insufficient or poor quality rest

A good night’s rest is an essential requirement to take care of health , and it reduces, among other things, the risk of suffering from diabetes, since sleeping too little or too much can affect glucose tolerance .

Beyond the number of hours we rest, it is essential to achieve a quality rest that allows us to recover and be in perfect condition the next day.

With a daily routine and good habits we can achieve a good rest every night and thus reduce the chances of suffering from type 2 diabetes.


A sedentary lifestyle or physical inactivity is another perfectly modifiable factor that increases the chances of suffering from diabetes.

Spending a lot of time sitting down harms the health considerably and sedentary activities such as watching television have been associated with an increased risk of suffering from diabetes.

To prevent the disease is essential to lead an active life , which means not only do a minimum of exercise every day but also, limit the time we spend sitting and motionless and replace it with daily activities that greatly increase the time we spend in movement.

Genetic predisposition

Beyond all the factors that can encourage the appearance of type 2 diabetes before said, we have a single factor that we can not avoid: genetic predisposition.

Although type 1 diabetes is the only one determined by genes alone, type 2 diabetes has its genetic influence as well, something that is important to consider because habits can control the expression of those genes .

Good habits of life or avoiding the above-mentioned risk factors can be key so that the genes do not end up producing the disease but on the contrary, they are inhibited in an environment that is not conducive to the development of diabetes .

As we can see, type 2 diabetes also has a genetic predisposition factor, but its development is influenced by many more modifiable factors associated with lifestyle that tell us how much our habits matter when preventing or controlling this growing disease. daily .