The way we cook food can reduce or increase the risk of diabetes

What we eat can determine the development of diseases or their absence in our lives, however, it is not only a question of taking care of the food we eat but also, the way we cook them, as the cooking method can reduce or increase the risk of Suffer from diseases such as diabetes.

Diabetes and cooking methods

Just as long ago we told you that the risk of cancer attributed to meats may be due to the way we cook them, a recent research published in the journal indicates that certain cooking methods can affect the risk of Suffer from diabetes.

The way we cook food can reduce or increase the risk of diabetesThe cooking at high temperatures such as those that occur over direct heat can give rise to polycyclic hydrocarbons and heterocyclic amines, substances with mutagenic potential that can increase the risk of cancer, but also the dry cooking that stimulate these substances and Other glycation end products have been linked to increased oxidative stress, inflammation and insulin resistance, which may be a factor that increases the risk of diabetes.

The study in question analyzed the effect of a diet with alternative cooking methods that gave rise to a diet with lower levels of glycation products, rather than using grilling, grilling, baking or frying , Poached, boiled, stewed or steamed.

The results showed in obese adults that, at the end of a year, replacement of cooking methods by those who produced few end products of glycation slightly decreased body weight, reduced inflammation, oxidative stress, and insulin resistance, So it can reduce the risk of diabetes.

In conclusion, at the time of disease prevention we should not only look at what we eat but also the way we cook, because once again it has been proven that the cooking method can affect our body very differently and prefer alternative baking, Grilling or frying can be key to reducing the risk of diabetes.

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