Proteins are a coveted nutrient in the world of vegans, where we have no meat or eggs that can easily offer them. However, we always have alternatives of great help as these nine foods of plant origin that are most protein concentrate.

The nine plant foods with more proteinVegetable proteins by a tube

Complementing plant proteins can achieve not missing essential amino acids in a dish, but also can easily reach the quota of proteins we need if we go to the following foods that provide protein through a tube:

  • Spirulina desiccated : it provides 58 grams of vegetable protein per 100 grams and is an easy alternative to add this nutrient to the diet, because we can add a small scoop a milkshake, sauce, pie filling, one soup or even a pastel and achieve an extra nearly 10 grams of protein.
  • Soybean meal : offers little more than 37 grams of vegetable protein per 100 grams and is an option that can be used in combination with wheat flour to make breads, biscuits or masses, or next to the breakfast porridge, the bread crumbs for breading or we use to easily add protein to a cake or pie filling.
  • Soybeans : like any other legume, soy may be added to casseroles, stir – fries, salads and other dishes such as burgers and provides about 35 grams of protein per 100 grams. A serving of 50 grams can give us almost 20% of the protein needs of a day.
  • Nori dried : like spirulina algae can use this protein powder to add a variety of preparations such as smoothies, soups, cakes or pancakes , because for every 100 grams provides little more than 30 grams of this nutrient.
  • Peanut butter : to spread a toast at breakfast, to make a cake or salad dressings or to create a vegan chocolates loaded with protein and we can go to this food that provides 30% of vegetable protein.
  • Peanut : as an aperitif or satiating snack can go to a handful of roasted peanuts per 100 grams that provide little more than 25 grams of protein, plus good fats, vitamin E and potassium. We can also add it to salads, stir – fries or sauces.
  • Seitan : with just over 24 grams of protein per 100 grams, seitan is often the perfect meat in vegan diets replacement, it also has much to offer the body and can easily be used in the kitchen to prepare casseroles, burgers, kebabs, stir -fries and more.
  • Bean : to add to salads, casseroles, soups or even prepare vegan burgers, we can use this legume that provides 23.5 grams of vegetable protein per 100 grams.
  • Lentils : as popular legume that is, lentils can be an ally in vegan diets that require plus protein, offering more than 23% of this nutrient and at the same time, provides iron, fiber, B vitamins, potassium and magnesium. With it we can develop taco, salads, casseroles, medallions and more.

As we can see, there are many ways to increase protein intake on a vegetarian diet and here nine plant foods with more protein that can help you achieve it.

Remember that to achieve the best quality protein supplement amino acids is suitably combining food, for example: cereals and pulses or one of these two nuts and seeds.