The importance of staying healthy and having an active mind.

It has been well documented by doctors, over the last few years, that staying healthy and having an active mind is of paramount importance to living a long and productive life.  The terrible life-limiting, mind destroying conditions of Alzheimer’s, Dementia and Parkinson’s have all been in the headlines recently with medical specialists all agreeing that keeping your mind active and your body healthy can help prevent and diminish the effects of these awful conditions.  Over twenty-seven million people world-wide suffer from Alzheimer’s alone and it is the most prevalent type of Dementia.  Especially vulnerable adults over the age of sixty-five are actively encouraged to partake in hobbies and activities such as crochet because it has been proven to help stimulate brain activity whilst keeping the person calm and focused.

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Therapists, Doctors and medical specialists all agree that past-times such as crochet and knitting really help in keeping your mind active and your hands nimble.  Using various Crochet Kits supplied by a professional company such as you can complete several, beautiful and colourful crochet projects, keeping your mind active by focusing on the complexities of the pattern. Keep your general fitness levels up by walking to the local shop every day and eating a good variety of fresh fruit and vegetables. By using these simple but effective techniques you can help prevent these awful diseases and slow down the progress of them if they do strike.

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This calm and therapeutic past-time of crochet can also help with mental patients’ anxieties and stress and is often recommended to people who are struggling with mental health issues. Did you know that by making simple lifestyle changes you could prevent or delay the onset or effects of Dementia by 40%?  These scientifically backed changes include, diet, physical activity, sleep, stress relief and mental stimulation.  Eating a healthy diet on a daily basis is a great start, then partaking in a moderate dose of physical activity every day, (which is extremely important), then getting a good night’s sleep, which is paramount to your brain’s health, being able to control stress and anxiety and being positive will all help improve your general mood and most importantly, you could try keeping your brain active by completing several, stimulating activities every day.

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