Healthcare investment banking is an area of banking that focuses on investment within healthcare services. It is sometimes also referred to as healthcare capital financing.

 Healthcare Investment

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Banks and financial institutions provide advice regarding healthcare company restructuring and raising capital. Companies within the healthcare industry can also benefit from advice about mergers and acquisitions and a variety of additional services.

Healthcare investment services can cover a broad range of key factors, including:

•       Pharmaceuticals and Speciality Pharmaceuticals
•       Biotechnology
•       Life Sciences
•       Diagnostics
•       Tools
•       MedTech
•       Hospital Supplies and Products
•       Services
•       Devices
•       Distribution and Technology
•       Managed Care
•       Facilities

Raising Funds

Healthcare investment bankers such as introduce different securities into the capital markets, such as equities, derivatives, bonds and more. They are able to raise funds for healthcare companies by selling these investments. Clients are able to liaise with investment banking services regarding all financing requirements, and they can receive appropriate advice and strategic solutions when they are faced with different situations. Financial institutions within the healthcare investment sector are committed to providing comprehensive services to healthcare companies. These services include:

•       Mergers and Acquisitions
•       Capital Raising
•       In-depth Financial Analysis
•       Valuation and Fairness Assessments
•       Pharmaceutical Licensing
•       Capital Plan Preparation
•       Aftermarket Support
•       Private Placements
•       Bond Rating Services
•       Credit Enhancement Services
•       Debt Restructuring
•       Public Debt Offerings
•       Advisory Services

The healthcare investment sector within the banking industry works to provide capital finance solutions within the following domains:

•       Medical Office Buildings
•       Academic Medical Facilities
•       Assisted Living Facilities
•       Mental Health Providers
•       Outpatient Speciality Treatment Centers
•       Nursing Homes
•       Acute Care Hospitals
•       Continuing Care Retirement Communities
•       Medical Health Treatment Centres
•       Community Hospitals

The healthcare investment industry requires a multifaceted approach because it covers such a large variety of areas. Trends over the last few years suggest an investment boom, most likely as a result of the most recent medical advances. Other reasons for the increased interest include better-than-expected clinical trial results, faster trial to markets drug approvals, and the additional need in the face of an ageing population.

Each decade sees the healthcare profession achieving bigger and better things, raising the survival rates significantly in some areas and generally injecting positivity into the markets. Despite an uncertain future for many other investment banking sectors, this positivity and increased investment potential in healthcare seems likely to continue into the foreseeable future.