The best options for eating when you’re on vacation sightseeing

If in these vacations your plans are to know a new place or to go through different cities every day, you will surely be away from home at the moment of eating, for that reason, we show you the best options to eat when you are on vacation while sightseeing .

Without a doubt the food itself can be part of tourism, of knowing a city or a different place to which you live, but if you do not want to neglect your diet and your health, here are some of the best alternatives:

The healthiest starters

When after walking a lot, visiting places or doing different activities we sit down to eat the first thing we look for is to calm our high level of hunger and appetite , therefore, it is essential to drink water before starting to eat and choose entrees that help us to calm down partially the worm but do not add too many calories.

Thus the healthiest starters will be those based on fruits and / or fresh vegetables or that include lean proteins, high water content and fiber in their composition.

We can choose salads with cheese or other dairy products such as this peach caprese salad or with lean meats or low-fat seafood but with good proteins such as shrimp salad, arugula and grilled nectarines .

Other good preparations based on vegetables and / or fruits are soups and cold creams , or else, carpaccios , for example zucchini with almonds or tomato .

The tostas are other recommended preparations as a starter but in them we must take care of the quality of the ingredients, choosing preferably those that contain fruit, vegetables, eggs, fresh lean meats and where possible do not include sausages, fried or similar. For example, we can choose avocado toast , smoked cod and asparagus ribbons , double pesto with natural tuna , rye bread and walnuts with fresh cheese, baby and peach spinach , or chicken marinated with lime .

The best main dishes

Having consumed a dish that helped us reduce the cravings for food and quench thirst, we can enjoy a main dish satisfying and perhaps more caloric because we can control what we eat better.

Equally, although we will not attend to calories, it is essential to look at the quality of the nutrients offered by them, prioritizing those dishes with fiber, complex carbohydrates, good fats, quality proteins, vitamins and various minerals and discarding preparations with trans fats , added sugars and refined flours .

Thus, we can choose dishes based on a cereal (as much as possible whole) that is accompanied by fresh meat or fish, nuts, seeds, fruits and various vegetables .

For example, we can choose a pasta au gratin with vegetable sauce and nuts , with tuna and vegetables , with prawns, chilli peppers and pak choi or in salads.

The rice is also good choice and like the paste , it better be comprehensive and go combined with vegetables, fruits and lean proteins that reduce the glycemic indexof preparation and satiated with good nutrients. Good options would be a rice with curry fish , black rice with cuttlefish and gambones in paella or a pan of spiced rice with vegetables and chickpeas that I loved and goes very well with chicken pieces as well.

The dishes based on fish are also highly recommended alternative can choose a grilled fish garnished or, more elaborate dishes that include them as baked fish in mustard sauce , fish pie , Norwegian salmon glazed with sake and teriyaki or some other dish with seasonal fish and typical of the city that we are getting to know.

The ideal desserts to eat out

If after eating a starter and main course you still want a sweet taste in your mouth, we recommend choosing light options that allow you to continue walking and getting to know after eating.

We can always share a small ration dessert if its nutrients are not of good quality or, choose a larger portion of a healthy option based on fruit for example or without added sugars .

We can choose fresh fruit salad , stewed fruit or other light and healthy dishes but with a pleasant taste sweet that gives pleasure to the palate.

Remember that in addition to properly choosing what to eat is important to always prioritize the intake of food sitting at the table , so whenever possible we recommend choosing a restaurant and not buy and eat while walking through the city.

Only in this way can you take care of the diet by eating healthy while you are on holiday .

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