The best fruits for the heart

The food we eat is essential to maintain healthy body, fruit, natural gold, is part of the ideal diet for our heart beat with the best performance. Let’s see what fruits are the best fruits for the heart…

Fruits more beneficial for the heart

The best fruits for good heart health are…

The best fruits for the heartBerries: These fruits contain powerful antioxidants that protect our heart against attacks and cancer primarily.

Guava: This exotic fruit is rich in vitamin C and helps to lower cholesterol and reduce blood pressure, being beneficial for the heart. Ideally, we consume guava has not finished when mature and can eat directly or prepare a juice with it.

Bananas: As we know, is a great source of potassium which reduces the risk of hypertension, and contribute to increasing our energy.

Papaya: Juicy and sweet, is rich in vitamin C and vitamin A, very important to prevent heart related diseases. It also helps to maintain healthy and beautiful skin, more reason to consume. The best of the papaya is that we can include it in many dishes as a companion.

Kiwi: Source of potassium, magnesium and vitamins A and E, kiwis help strengthen the immune system. You may also like to read:

Mango: We can find many varieties on the market that will give us vitamins A and C and magnesium. It is for this that contributes to the cardiovascular system, reducing blood pressure and regulating cholesterol. Moreover, its high fiber content makes it digestive. For maximum benefit it is preferable to consume the handle naturally, that is, as we bring the store, although we can also include it in salads or mix it with some desserts.

The good thing about this list with the best fruits for the heart is that, although a particular fruit may not like, there will be other yes and the same way we provide this benefit to our cardiovascular system. Find out more health tips.

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