The benefits of exercise for the older generation

Growing older doesn’t mean you must retire from exercise altogether. It’s hugely important to remain healthy and active for as long as possible. Age has traditionally been an excuse to do less and take it easy, however, there is no benefit in this. Health professionals agree that regular, moderate exercise is highly beneficial and can extend your life.

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Conditions like instability, weakness, mobility issues and bad coordination are not necessarily age-related but more to do with being inactive. Here are many great reasons to keep moving:

  1. Extend your life

Not getting enough exercise and leading a sedentary life is one of ten major causes of disability and death, according to the World Health Organisation. It need not be massive exertion, a simple walk or some time in a swimming pool can also extend your lifespan. Find out about available activities at Care Homes Leicester by visiting a site like

  1. Avoid falls

By carrying out light exercise often, you are making improvements to bone density and muscle strength. This helps to lower the danger of becoming weak, unbalanced or having a fall. Exercising often can lessen the risk of falling and suffering a hip fracture by as much as 40%.

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  1. Improved bone density

Walking as exercise is effective in strengthening the bones. This reduces the risk of osteoporosis and resulting fractures. Osteoporosis is a huge problem, with up to 50% of women breaking a bone in old age due to the condition.

  1. Prevent dementia

Leading a lifestyle that is too sedentary as you get older can make the chance of developing dementia far greater.


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