The mobile phone is becoming less phone and more a device to which we are connected almost 24h a day. We already know some problems derived from the use of mobile; Although they are not especially dramatic, it is good to know them to know how to prevent and treat them.

In this case we speak of the possibility to appear temporary blindness motivated by the use of mobile devices while we’re lying in the dark; Maybe in bed reading. This has been pointed out by different health professionals, who have disseminated this information so that no more serious problems are attributed to what is simply an overuse problem.

Temporal blindness Another problem associated with the use of smartphones in bedWhy this temporary blindness?

The problem of temporary blindness due to the use of the mobile phone may be associated with the use of the mobile when being in bed in a dark room while we are on the side, whereupon we read the screen using one eye as the other is partially covered By the pillow or the sheets.

The explanation is simple: the eye adapts to the brightness of the screen but, being in a dark environment, when we turn off the mobile phone, the eye may need time to adapt to the new light conditions and there may be times where the This blindness may even appear.

The fact is that this blindness can last for several minutes (15-20 …) and anyone who does not know the possible cause may think that he is suffering from a serious health problem. Therefore, the aim of this information, which we echo, is warn people that this problem exists and have no medical significance.

How to avoid temporary blindness?

Since we have already recommended limiting the use of mobile devices in bed, at bedtime, as they can hamper or alter sleep (the so-called technological insomnia). But if we are going to use the mobile phone anyway, we can avoid the probability of “ temporary blindness ” by counteracting the conditions that cause it

  • If it appears, you know that it is a transient problem, and that you must modify your habits of use of mobile devices to avoid it.
  • To avoid that the room is completely dark and the brightness of the mobile very high: this contrast is the one that causes that the eye costs to him to adapt more. You can use a soft light, such as a reading lamp, and use only the screen brightness necessary for comfortable reading, preventing it from being too high or too low.
  • Avoid reading lying on the side: Placing you face up, with pillows on both head and elbows, will ensure a comfortable position (for a few minutes). If you’re going to be a long, long time … Better leave it for another time that you do not have to go to sleep. If you read lying on your side, try to use both eyes to read, not covering the one that remains in contact with the pillow.

Have you experienced this problem? I have to admit that yes, although it lasted no more than a few seconds; If it had lasted minutes, I would have worried. What do you tell us? Leave your comments