Sometimes the stress of everyday life and the pace of life that we usually carry bill passes. In the case of athletes this may be even greater, since wear is greater. So in this post we recommend making a Energizing based protein shake and minerals with spirulina as raw material, which will help us to charge the batteries and keep much better throughout the day.

This smoothie is ideal for consumed at breakfast, it is the time of day you need to recharge your batteries full. This recipe that I will give is very good to consume two or three days a week fasting, as it will help us balance our body and achieve a better balance in what refers to nutrients. Yes, it is important to respect the proportions and ingredients so that their effect is total.

Spirulina smoothie, protein by a tubeIngredients

First we do a review of the ingredients that we will need to prepare this shake spirulina. First the star ingredient spirulina, which use powder, namely a teaspoon of 5 gr. We must also include a glass of drink oat plant, medium green apple and a teaspoon of ground hazelnuts, in the same proportion as spirulina.


For its preparation pour drink oats in a bowl in which we will take the average peeled and chopped apple. Thereupon we add two tablespoons, the spirulina and hazelnut. Once you have everything in the same pot what we will beat until a smooth dough and thick that it is ready to be consumed. If you prefer we can also add crushed ice and make even more refreshing I this smoothie.

Nutritional support

This smoothie can be the perfect accompaniment usual breakfast, because we will bring mostly protein, plus vitamins such as A, B, E and H. The contribution mineral is important, especially iron, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium. It is very remarkable contribution of chlorophyll that will give us, along with a series of enzymes that the body needs to be in perfect condition. We cannot overlook the contribution of essential fatty acids that cells need to function properly.

This recipe is a simple and useful drink to prepare for any of us to do or not sport. It is therefore good to know that we can dip recipes like this that will help us suppress hunger in the healthiest way possible. Yes, but we recommend it as we drink for breakfast; we can also use it to after training or between meals as a tonic.