Some exercises to do in the pool or on the beach

Summer is hot weather and to combat it we usually resort to the pool and the beach. Surely many of us have simply seen these places as a place to refresh ourselves when the heat more tightens, but we can get more out of it, especially on holidays, which is when we spend more time in these places. So we want to give some tips on how we can have fun in the water while we exercise without hardly realizing it and staying on vacation in perfect condition.

Especially the pool is a place that lends itself more to this activity, as being an artificial place, without running, with edges, stairs, railings … is much easier to perform exercises on it. We on this occasion are going to stop in some examples of activities that we can do in the pool and on the beach, because the latter, although it does not have many facilities, is very good especially to work the lower train with displacements in which we will take advantage of the resistance that the current offers us.

Exercises in the pool; The triceps

In the pool we can work almost the whole body while we stay fresh and soak. In the first place we are going to highlight an exercise that will serve to maintain the muscular tone in the triceps. To do this we will be sitting on the edge with the legs in the water and the hands rested so that they are under our buttock. In this position we will let fall so that the whole body is submerged without taking off the hands.

In this posture, what we will do is lift the body through the action of the triceps , which will be the muscles that will withstand all the tension of the exercise. It is important that when doing this exercise the elbows are folded backwards, so that the triceps is isolated to the maximum. In addition, it is necessary that the body is totally suspended, since if we touch the floor with the feet we will lose the tension and with it the total effectiveness of the exercise.

Working the pectoral in the pool

Another part that we can work in the pool is the pectoral. To do this we must place ourselves in a part that covers us to the neck to stand firm with our feet and arms fully extended in cross with the palms of the hands forward and all the fingers closed to make more resistance. In this posture, what we are going to do is close the arms, without bending them, so that we bring together both hands in the center, just at the chest. With this, what we will achieve will be to work the pectoral muscles, taking advantage of the resistance that lends us water in order to put more pressure on the muscles that we want to work.

Crunches in the pool

The abdominal work is also something we can fully exploit the pool, and there are many ways to tap into the water to work this part of the body. As we explained above, we can submerge until the water reaches the chest, and in this posture we can perform abdominal spins. To do this we will simply try to walk in the pool by raising one leg towards the chest while turning the trunk towards the side of the leg that we are going to raise. In this way we will work the most lateral part of the abdominal wall, although the tension, as we know, will affect almost the whole area.

Another exercise we can do is sit on the edge of the pool and with the lower legs submerged in the water. We can stand with our whole back on the ground, keeping our legs submerged. In this posture what we will do is raise both legs so that the lower part of the abdomen is able to withstand the tension of the exercise. We can also raise one leg first and then the other leg.

Another variant of this exercise is, starting from the same posture, instead of supporting the back on the ground, we will keep it slightly raised and tilted back. We can help with the arms by supporting them by the hands or simply holding this position by abdominal contraction while raising the legs at the same time or alternatively. If we choose the second alternative, the tension and the effect of the exercise will be greater.

Exercise on the beach; the legs

The legs can also be worked in the water. But in this case they do not have to be in the pool, since the beach is suitable for doing so, because it is a more unstable water in which resistance will overcome will be greater. A simple exercise that everyone can do by the shore is to walk parallel to it with the legs submerged in the water, so that we raise them upwards every time we take a stride, that is, as if we were to play with the Knee the mecho. In this way we will put to work all the muscles that compose them and keep them toned.

We can also do the same thing, but instead of bending our knees to the chest we are going to do it by raising our legs forward and keeping them straight . It is a little more difficult to perform, because we will not be propelled by the action of the knee, but will cause more muscles of the buttocks.

Buttocks kick in the pool or on the beach

In the water we can also work the buttocks, although we recommend doing it in the pool, since the way will be with the hands in the edge to grab us and to have a point of support. In this way what we will do, keeping our legs submerged, will be to give a buttock kick back as if we were not in the water, only in this case the water will be a very good resistance to increase the intensity.

It is true that there are many exercises that we can do inside the water, since simply swimming is a very complete exercise that includes many parts of the body . So we invite you to expose other exercises that may be interesting and that serve us to be on top this summer while we enjoy the beach or the pool.

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