With the advent of spring and good weather the vast majority of us want to get rid of those extra pounds that have accumulated over the winter. To this we must add the processes of muscle definition that we carry out at this time. We in this post we want to give you some simple tips to turn your metabolism even more at the end of everyday training.

Some exercises to activate the metabolism at the end of the training routineThe activation of metabolism is what will make calorie intake is higher. It is true that with the sport activity we always activate it and for this reason it is good to stay active to control the weight and the general state of our organism. But we can still increase calorie burn if we also increase the acceleration of metabolism with simple tricks.

What we recommend is to continue with our usual routines, except that we will introduce some variations to get that, speed up metabolism. What these variations consist of is the performance of high intensity exercises at the end of the routine. For this we will simply serve our body, because these are movements in which we involve all parts of the body and we will thus increase the burning of calories.


An exercise that can be performed include burpees with our own body. What we recommend is to perform 4 sets of about 15 to 20 repetitions. The rest should be less than one minute between sets. What we will do with this exercise is to activate the metabolism and get well for longer after the training session is over.

Launching of legs in several planes

Another exercise you can perform is the launch of legs on several levels . For this we will lie down with our hands resting on the ground and our arms stretched out, just like the trunk, which we will support only on the tips of the feet. With this posture, the same that we adopt when doing pectoral push-ups, we will advance the knees as if we were to touch the chest. Once we are in this position we will stretch our legs back to support us with the tips of the feet, only this time we will take the legs towards a side, which may be the right for example.

We will return the legs to the center as if we were to touch the chest and again we will stretch the legs, only this time to the left side. This movement will be done in 4 sets of about 12 repetitions on each side without stopping. Between series the rest must be less than a minute to keep the pulsations active and thereby accelerate the metabolism more.

HITT on a treadmill

We can also use the treadmill for HITT sessions. In this case what we recommend is to decrease the time it will dedicate and shorten rest. For this we suggest you to do a high intensity exercise exercise for about 15 minutes in which we perform intervals of maximum intensity and average intensity of one minute each. In this way we greatly increase the pulsations and with it the metabolic acceleration that will last a few hours after the end of the exercise. If we also put the tape on slope we will be able to add more intensity to the exercise.

There are many other alternatives and sure that each has its trick to keep the metabolism active through exercise. Therefore we invite you to make us part of your method to finish training with an increased heart rate and thus metabolic activity.