Salt tablets in endurance sports a way to prevent cramps

When we talk about supplementation in endurance sports, such as long distance races, triathlons or long cycling outings, we usually talk about elements that give us energy such as glucose gels, bars and the like. However, these are not the only supplements we can use to improve our performance, such as salt tablets.

Here is the supplement: what they are for, who can use them, when and what benefits the salt tablets offer us during our training or competition.

Salt tablets in endurance sports a way to prevent crampsThe function of the salt tablets is to give us an optimum amount of mineral salts during long-term training or competitions. When we are training or competing we lose mineral salts through sweat, and it is necessary to replace them both to avoid the dreaded cramps and to regulate the loss of electrolytes.

Previously and for a long time this contribution of mineral salts have been made through replacement drinks , but the salt tablets give us a new way to do it.

These salt tablets are composed of sodium and magnesium (the percentages may change depending on the different brands and manufacturers) and can count on other compounds such as calcium or vitamin D. Basically sodium serves us to regulate osmotic balance of the body , maintain the Balance electrolytes and prevent dehydration . Magnesium helps prevent cramps.

Since, as we have said, during exercise we lose salts and electrolytes through sweat, it is necessary to replace them to maintain a good performance. The usual dose of sodium to be consumed is 300 to 500 milligrams per hour of exercise , although you have to take into account factors such as the rate of sweating of the athlete or the temperature and degree of humidity of the place where you are exercising .

The advantages of salt tablets

Among the advantages we present we could count the following:

  • They are easier to transport than replacement drinks: especially if we are in a training or competition race, where we are interested not to carry much weight on. The salt tablets generally come in the form of a capsule.
  • We can easily control the amount of salts we consume: with replenishment drinks, unless we consume the entire bottle, it is difficult to control the amount of salts we take. With the pills we always know how many salts we consume.
  • Its consumption is simple: we only have to swallow them with a glass of water (never with a replacement drink that also gives us salts).

Salt tablets are another option we have when supplementing with exercise, have you tried them?

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