Having your teeth straightened can increase your confidence in your appearance and make it easier to maintain good dental hygiene at any age. Here is a look at the various techniques that can be used.

Recent Advances in Teeth Alignment

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Regular Brackets

This is the most common technique, and it is very effective and reliable. The major drawback with regular braces is that they are made from metal and are easily visible on the surface of the teeth. A recent trend popular with younger people has been to place colourful bands on the braces, emphasising them as a fashion statement.

Clear Brackets

Clear brackets are similar to regular ones but are much less visible because they are clear and blend into the teeth. Although they can be more expensive, many people prefer them.

Lingual Braces

These are the same as regular metal brackets except that the wires and brackets are fitted on the inside of the teeth. There is an obvious advantage in the sense that they are invisible when the patient smiles, but they can take longer to align the teeth, are harder to clean, and can be more uncomfortable initially.


This is a popular current treatment for teenagers and adults, but it is not suitable for children or for people with severe dental problems. It consists of custom-made clear plastic aligners that are almost invisible. They are easily removable and are replaced every fortnight. Their main advantage is that they cannot be seen, and the patient can eat and drink anything during treatment. The major disadvantages are that treatment can take longer and it is very expensive.

Technological Advances

There have been recent advances in the field of teeth alignment, including the introduction of self-locking brackets that can decrease treatment time by as much as 40 per cent by making it unnecessary to exchange the bands regularly.

If you feel you might benefit from teeth alignment, consider contacting a dentist in Dublin for an assessment and further advice about which technique would be most suitable for you. Practices such as http://www.docklandsdental.ie might offer to spread the cost of treatment over the treatment period to make it more affordable.

If you are embarrassed about your smile, teeth alignment could give you the confidence to meet new people with increased confidence and to laugh, talk and smile without even considering covering your mouth as you might have previously.