Currently there is an interest in consuming healthy oils of natural origin. One of those that is emerging in recent times is pumpkin oil. This variety of oil is extracted from the seeds of the pumpkin, that is, from its seeds. We in this post want to stop at the benefits of an oil that is increasingly being used and that is very beneficial for the body.

As we have said, oil is obtained from pumpkin seeds. In its composition around 35-40% are unsaturated fatty acids, specifically oleic acid and linoleic acid. It should be noted its high protein intake, specifically around 30% of its composition is based on this nutrient. To this we must add around 20% fiber and a low 5% carbohydrates. The other components are vitamins such as beta-carotene and vitamins such as D, E , B1, B2, B3 and B6. That is why it is a very nutritious type of oil that we can not ignore at any time.

A powerful protection of the digestive system

All the nutrients it contains make this oil a complement that can be present in any diet. Between his qualities we are going to emphasize in the first place the protective effect of the digestive system . It is very important because pumpkin oil will help us avoid intestinal parasites, in addition to promoting a better and more effective intestinal flora. That is why its use is highly recommended when it comes to achieving a better state of the digestive system in general and with it our health.

Natural intestinal transit regulator

Its high fiber content makes our intestinal transit much more efficient and better. It helps us to better assimilate the nutrients of the food, as well as the elimination of toxins from the body. To this we must add its diuretic effect, that is, the consumption of this oil helps us to eliminate excess fluid from the body.

A strong anti-inflammatory

Pumpkin oil contains anti-inflammatory substances, fruit of its high content of cucurbitacin. Precisely this anti-inflammatory power that it contains makes it very useful when it comes to avoiding inflammation of the prostate and prostate problems in general. To this we must add its high zinc content, which makes it a very useful food for the proper functioning of the prostate, since zinc is essential when generating sperm and avoiding alterations in it, as well as increasing male sexual potency In addition, this high zinc content will be very beneficial to the eyes, which need it to function properly.

A healthier heart

But for what we must emphasize the use of this oil is the reinforcement that supposes at the time of obtaining a perfect cardiac health. The key is in the polyunsaturated fatty acids that give us and directly affect the levels of cholesterol in the body. Specifically, these fatty acids balance the levels of triglycerides and cholesterol that we have in the body and are those that affect the health of the circulatory system.

Therefore it is very good that it is one of the alternatives that we contemplate when maintaining a healthy and balanced diet. This type of oil is better than we consume raw in salads or with soups or creams. In this way we will make the most of its properties, as we will not alter its nutrients through the action of heat.