LVL: The bracelet that monitors your hydration in real time

A variety of wearables on the market that help to monitor different variables of our daily lives, but for the first time I’ve seen a bracelet that monitors your hydration in real time. It is called LVL and seeking funding on Kickstarter.

LVL The bracelet that monitors your hydration in real timeLVL: The band that helps you to hydrate better

LVL is the first bracelet that integrates functions quantifying your activity and training data on the level of hydration and helps you drink adequate amounts of fluids by providing alarm vibration when you have already lost fluid but has not been drunk in compensation.

The bracelet can be measured in addition to daily activity, nighttime sleep, the beats, the mood, the calories burned and the level of hydration, as by a sensor on the wrist detects the amount of body fluids and Function of the consumed and the rates of sweating, it is able to recognize when we are or not well hydrated.

This returns to the bracelet on a gadget very original, because although it is not the first quantifier of consumed liquid or hydration level, LVL also adds monitoring activity, sleep and other parameters of our day.

Also, we can link physical performance, sleep quality and mood with our hydration levels, being able to observe closely when lack of water in the body, many factors can alter in our daily lives.

Has an application for which we connect the bracelet via Bluetooth with our mobile and there, and view the data collected by the wrist, we can receive recommendations for water intake depending on the activity and other factors of our daily lives.

As we said, the bracelet still seeking his support but is emerging as a successful project that plans to be on sale next summer at a price of $ 199, although those who wish to finance this wearable with interesting features for those who lead an active life can buy the gadget at half price.

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