The ligament injuries, especially in the case of the knees, are, unfortunately, common in various sports. For this we will do a review of preventive measures and treatment in case of injury or rupture of the ligaments of the knee, either the lateral or crossed.

Prevention of Ligament Injuries

To some extent, a preparation can be done that tries to reduce the risk of injury. Knowing the mechanism of injury helps to avoid training program.

Ligament rupture, this is how you can prevent this painful (and common) injuryIn the case of the knee, are typical mechanisms the rotation of the knee with the fixed foot down . It usually occurs in sudden changes of direction, in which the body rotates, and the knee, but the foot remains still.

Injuries can also occur because the knee bends “where it should not”. The ligaments stabilize the knee. If the range of motion is too broad, this can damage the ligaments, and other structures.

Avoiding these sharp turns and too broad gestures reduce injuries, although we can not always control these situations. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare, at the muscular level, coordination and proprioceptive training, so that the body, the muscles, the joints, are prepared to respond to these stimuli and to stand firm.

Prevention is good preparation

You recover from an injury, either after surgery or conservative (no operation), not simply to walk again or do daily activities “more or less painless” and some normalcy.

To return to physical activity , to sports or demanding workouts, you need a specific exercise program to:

  • Strengthen muscles , detecting and correcting for muscle imbalances. A powerful muscle helps to give stability to the joints, and prevents the ligaments have to make too much effort performing this task of stability. Analytical and other functional exercises will help all muscle groups work properly.
  • Proprioceptive training type : inclined planes, unstable surfaces, imbalances, with eyes closed … It ‘s a workout exercising the body’s ability to anticipate and respond to sudden, rapid, requiring adaptation of various muscle and joint systems events. Recall some examples of training proprioceptive type .
  • Correct technique . A bad technique can, by repetition, cause problems that can lead to an injury.
  • Avoid injury mechanism . To know how this lesion can be produced to train mechanisms that avoid gestures, positions or efforts that act as favorers of the lesion. Training helps you learn how to do it actively. If extra help is needed, there are functional bandages and other systems that can help keep improvement.

Therefore, to prevent or improve a ligament injury in our daily lives is important to note that is not a minor, and that we should turn to professionals and make the appropriate treatment to ensure to perform sporting activities with less risk of injury The relapse.

Or does anyone think that professional athletes are operated, recover and train again without prepare thoroughly for it daily?

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