The polycystic ovary syndrome , or PCOS is a relatively common problem in women caused due to alternations in levels of sex hormones that produce incorrect ovarian maturation and function. We tell you how your diet should be if you suffer SOP to control this condition.

Can the diet help us improve PCOS?

Although the cause of PCOS is not exactly known and much may be due to genetic alterations, the presence of this disease has been linked to insulin resistance that could be responsible for the androgenism experienced by women suffering from this problem, as a study indicates. published in Endocrine Reviews .

Likewise, the abdominal obesity that can produce insulin resistance is also linked to the presence of PCOS and the weight loss caused by a hypocaloric diet can reduce many symptoms of this condition, according to a study published in 2000 .

If we add that the decrease in weight and body fat can affect our internal environment and the release of hormones , a quality diet that helps achieve a healthy weight as well as reducing the possibility of suffering from insulin resistance can be of great help to control the SOP and reduce its most frequent manifestations.

This is what your diet should be if you suffer from SOP

If you suffer from overweight or obesity the goal of the diet will be to achieve an adequate weight, while if you have a normal weight with PCOS, the purpose will be to prevent weight gain and avoid or reverse the hyperinsulinemia that is usually present.

Thus, the important thing is first and foremost the achievement of a healthy lifestyle as indicated by the Spanish Association of Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome, so we will not refer to a miracle diet to lose weight but to achieve a quality and sustainable diet over time. .

Recommended foods

To improve the quality of the diet and thus contribute to the treatment of PCOS, some foods may be more recommendable than others for our usual diet. For example:

  • Whole grains : compared to refined grains , these offer more fiber, lower glycemic index, provide more satiety and can reduce the risk of obesity and the inflammation that characterizes the development of insulin resistance. Therefore, to improve the SOP and take care of the health in other senses , the integral grains are recommendable in the habitual diet, being able to incorporate them to homemade cookies , hamburgers , garnishes or several complete meals .
  • Blue fish : it is rich in omega 3 that has an anti-inflammatory effect in our body and can be of help when burning fat , as well as blue fish offers good proteins that satisfy and therefore, is one of the many fatty foods recommended when losing weight . We can include blue fish with a variety of baked specimens , pickled fish , tarts , pizzas , salads or other preparations.
  • Fruits and vegetables : they are of low caloric density, they favor the loss of moderate weight and taking care of the health as well as they have also been associated to lower risk of suffering diabetes, for all this, their presence in sufficient quantities is key when controlling the SOP . With these ingredients we can make a variety of salads , stir-fries, tarts and another huge list of preparations .
  • Nuts and seeds : both are a good source of fiber, vegetable proteins and quality fats for the body, so they can help us lose weight and produce positive metabolic changes . In addition, they have an anti-inflammatory effectcharacteristic of their content in omega 3 and antioxidant polyphenols. We can add them through cookies , whole-grain breads , appetizers , and healthy and tasty sweets .
  • Legumes : they are an excellent source of hydrates for the diet of those suffering from PCOS, because they offer fiber and vegetable proteins that reduce their glycemic index while providing satiety, which is why they favor weight loss with their habitual consumption. We can include legumes in a variety of spoon dishes or, in sautés , hamburgers , and various salads .

Products and dishes to avoid

Just as there are many foods that can help us achieve a quality diet to improve PCOS, these are the ingredients we should avoid at the table each day:

  • Table sugar : only contributes calories, without good nutrients for the organism and because they are simple hydrates or easily assimilated, they increase the glucose and insulin spikes in the body, being able with their excess to increase the resistance to insulin and thus, worsen the SOP. In its replacement we recommend going to sweeteners without calories or without simple hydrates such as stevia or artificial sweeteners .
  • Industrial bakery : they are rich in refined flours and added sugars , they do not satiate, they have high glycemic load and high glycemic index and as if it were not enough, they can have trans fats that in our body produce negative metabolic changes that, among other things, can increase the resistance to insulin. In his replacement, better go to healthy pastry without sugar , homemade cookies and other sweets without sugars added inside.
  • Processed meats : its consumption is one of the many factors that can encourage the presence of obesity and the development of type 2 diabetes , not only because they are rich in fats that are often of poor quality, but also because they contain excess sodium, a lot of calories and additives that can harm health. Therefore, there is no better replacement for these than fresh and lean meats .
  • Fast food and ready to consume : like any dish ready to consume, it is ultraprocessed whose nutritional quality is always lower than fresh or minimally processed foods and most of them hide refined flours or added sugars, fats of poor quality and substances that can alter the functioning of glands and hormones . Therefore, nothing better than avoiding them and go to home-made food with our own hands .

As we can see, a good diet is key for the proper functioning of the organism and therefore, taking a quality diet can be of great help to improve the SOP .