According to various studies, the light has a lot to do with our mood. You think not? Is not it true that spring and summer are livelier and a better mood?

Our mood affected by light

As regards the sunlight and the seasons, there are studies that show the influence of seasonal changes in our psyche. During autumn and winter we lose energy, interest in social life and sleep more.

How light affects our moodThose who are most affected and undergo profound changes in mood during these periods may be suffering from seasonal affective disorder (SAD). Symptoms include irritability stand, tiredness, sadness or feelings of emptiness and pessimism, changes in weight, thoughts of death, suicide or disinterest in activities practiced.

The curious thing about this condition is that influences people living surrounded by nature as those living in a big city, especially in the latter because our lifestyle makes us more vulnerable to depression. To maximize the benefits of this light, it may be interesting to change windows in order to gain greater splendor inside our stay.

Another point to note is that, generally, we associate our sadness to everyday dramas of everyday life: a bad day at work, an argument with the couple, a family problem, etc. But we never think that we can miss light. Or have we heard someone say that is a bad day because the sun rises? Even sex depends on daylight hours. In summer hormones have an increase in their beaks, which makes us more willing to maintain relationships.

As for the light of the screens, they are already many ensuring that alters our sleep rhythm. It still seems difficult to understand why, but gradually is opening new lines of research to answer questions such as what kind of light that affects us or how.

As far as researchers agree it is that we must get used to turn off the phones and computers two hours before going to bed. In light of these apparatus sends the wrong signal to our body that claims it is still not the time to go to bed. But what if I have to work late? Well, we have a solution for this. It is used filters light orange, which absorb part of the blue light producing devices. At bedtime we must try to sleep in total darkness and turning on any light that is red or a warm color.

The light has never been an issue to worry too much, but it is important to begin to realize that directly affects our lives and to take a couple of habits and be aware of what affects us, we care of our vitality and health emotional and mental.