Healthy Habits for adequate rest

Lack of energy, decreased concentration and memory capacity, changes in behavior and emotions or cardiovascular diseases are some of the direct consequences of inadequate sleep. The mere fact of purchasing the right mattress, replace with a new one every 8 or 10 years and follow a series of healthy guidelines will help us sleep, so easy.

More frequent among women and the group of elderly, insomnia affects 30% of the population as determined by official studies. Hypertensive patients with certain problems sleeping hour’s appropriate sleep are more prone to cardiovascular disorders.

Healthy Habits for adequate restTips for better sleep

Experts recommend we take into account a number of hygiene and dietary measures that will be of great help to give our body the rest it needs. Among them we can highlight the realization of moderate physical activity, but avoiding its practice in hours around bedtime. Similarly, it is recommended to avoid drinking beverages with high percentage of sugar and caffeine, because they can alter our nervous system and put aside alcohol before bed or avoid too heavy dinners.

On the other hand, you have to consider your seating area home, as its name suggests, it has to devote himself exclusively to this task. What does this last? Just you away from your bedroom computer, any mobile device or television, for the sake of any other task that is not linked with the rest make in another area of the house.

The bed must be a place used only for sleeping or having sex with your partner, but nothing else. Therefore, it is recommended to avoid playing with the phone or check our mail there. You must know that the luminescence of the screen can get to “fool” your body and alter the secretion of melatonin, a natural hormone internal sleep inducing.

At the time of rest, we must avoid positions like sleeping on your stomach, totally detrimental to our back since arches tensing the neck muscles primarily. The ideal is to opt for the fetal position because our spine suffers less to be closer to the natural position, provided that the mattress does not prevent it, of course. Hence the importance of the next point. You may also like to read:

What to know before buying your mattress to rest?

Now that we know a lot of things about the rest, we must not forget that buying the right mattress is one of the decisions that directly affect our health and that should help us get the rest that our mind and body need after exhausting every day. In this regard, before you get your mattress, you should know that all the materials involved in the manufacture of this means of rest should ensure proper transpiration. Do not forget that the internal ventilation will help us maintain the right conditions for our team Rest. We must not forget the inclusion in our anti mattress mites, fungi or bacteria treatments for a greater good.

At the same time, the cushiony and dampers have to provide a host that is pleasing in order to avoid at all times extreme pressures that may cause some discomfort and night rotation. Also, the mattress that we buy has to ensure the correct position of our back overnight, which is required for that is sufficiently strong and can adapt to our own physiognomy. Find out more health tips.

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