Ghrelin and its importance in the regulation of appetite

Surely on countless occasions we have felt very eager to eat despite having eaten already. This impulse that prevents us from controlling ourselves has an explanation and we in want to stop at it and see how to control it to the maximum following some simple tricks. It is a hormone called Ghrelin, which is responsible for ordering our brain that we are already satiated and do not need more food.

There are people who do not properly secrete this hormone and their levels of satiety decrease, so that the intake of food by these individuals is high. It is a hormone that is produced in the stomach in large quantities and in other minor hormones in the pancreas, liver, pituitary and hypothalamus. What this hormone does is stimulate and regulate the appetite, since it is in charge of giving our brain the message that we are already satiated and do not need more food.

Regulator of appetite and the accumulation of fat in the body

The problem appears when there is an excess of this hormone, since we will still have a feeling of hunger, because when the Ghrelin decreases is when we feel satiated and stop eating. In this case the problem is not only in the higher food intake, but this hormone also regulates the accumulation of lipids in the body, which can cause heart disease, type II diabetes … It is therefore very important to keep it at bay with simple tips and habits of life that will be of great help to us.

Acquire healthy habits when feeding, the best solution

With regard to this hormone there is no treatment, but simply to acquire healthy habits like ingesting totally integral cereals always. By containing high amounts of fiber will help us reduce Ghrelin and thus get satiated before. Along with this it is more advisable to consume natural foods prepared by ourselves than processed foods. The same applies to refined sugars and refined flours, since these do not decrease this hormone and the sensation of hunger will always be present.

Keeping the stomach empty for long periods of time is not a good idea if we want to keep Ghrelin under control. To avoid this happening it is advisable to make between 5 or 6 less copious meals so that the sensation of hunger is lower. Avoiding excessive intake of fats or fatty foods is essential, as well as using activators of the digestive process such as infusions, ginger, cayenne or cinnamon. Along with this maintain a perfect hydration through the intake of liquids is a good alternative to get lower amounts of this hormone.

Physical activity and sleep to control Ghrelin

But not only food will help us, but rest is fundamental. It is important to sleepbetween 7 and 8 hours a day in order to reduce the segregation of Ghrelin by the body, as the sleep regulates the production of this hormone. To this we must add the practice of sports, because when doing any type of physical activity we will keep controlled the levels of this hormone and with it the appetite and the feeling of fullness that we will have at all times.

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