Fluid retention: Some tips to eliminate them in the healthiest way

We stopped in the best way to prevent the retention of liquids, but for many people it is late, because that retention a and exists. For this reason we want to stop in some tips to eliminate excess fluid that we accumulate in our body. These are simple tips that have more to do with diet and what revolves around food, as well as some help we can have in this regard.

Fluid retention usually occurs when we are not exercising, or we are feeding erroneously. It is true that many times there is a health problem behind all this, but in most cases it is due to customs and habits that are not the most appropriate. But it’s never too late, and we can always put an end to that excess of liquids and achieve balance in our body in an adequate and healthy way.

Fennel as an ally

First of all it is necessary to keep in mind that the feeding is fundamental once we suffer water retention. That is why we are going to stop at the foods that will help us eliminate the excess. Fennel is a food that we must include in the diet to end retention. Its strong aroma will give flavor and a different note to our dishes. It contains very few calories, so its effect on the diet will be beneficial. In addition, it will help us to improve digestions and avoid flatulence, making our organism get better drainage, use and elimination of liquids.

Green tea to eliminate liquids

The green tea is another food that we can not ignore when removing liquids, due to its diuretic effect. But not only will it help us in this area, but it is also an ally of blood circulation, since it contains chlorogenic acid that helps regulate blood sugar levels. To this we must add its digestive power, in addition to avoiding flatulence. Do not forget that it contains theine, a natural stimulant that will activate the metabolism, although many people with heart problems can not ingest it.

The pineapple, a sweet solution

Pineapple is another food that will help us keep fluids at bay. First of all we must emphasize its high potassium content, which makes it a potent diuretic and controller of the body’s fluid levels. To this we must add its high content of proteolytic enzymes such as bromelain, extranasa and ananase that will help us improve digestive processes and promote better blood circulation. All this with food that gives us very few calories and high doses of fiber and water, since more than 80% of its composition is liquid.

The ponytail, a classic

In this list could not miss the horsetail that gives us high amounts of potassium, magnesium and aluminum. This contribution of minerals is what gives this herb the high diuretic power it contains. It is a very depurative plant that will help the elimination of excess fluids in the body, besides helping us in the elimination of kidney stones, because we will increase up to 30% the amount of urine we will expel. Along with this we must highlight its content in organic silicon that will help us to strengthen the skin and improve its regenerative process, as well as its strength in the face of external aggressions.

Horse chestnut to help us also have better circulation

Horse chestnut is another plant that will help us eliminate liquids from the body and prevent retention. Especially highlights the quercetin, a substance that gives us this plant and which is responsible for controlling excess fluid in the body, as it stimulates and acts directly on the kidney to prevent the accumulation of fluids. To this we must add its properties when it comes to improving blood circulation, as it provides us with aesculin and aescin that have a protective and strengthening effect on blood vessels. Therefore it is highly recommended its use also in cases of phlebitis, hemorrhoids or varicose veins.

Exercise and out of bad habits to be better

Needless to say, exercise will help us achieve a greater decrease in fluid retention. Activating the metabolism involves improving blood circulation and thus the best overall functioning of the body. Therefore it is necessary that if we have fluid retention we keep active to find ourselves better. It goes without saying that tobacco and alcohol should be set aside to further improve the functioning of the kidneys and the body’s fluid elimination systems, as well as blood circulation.

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