We have all sinned as newbies, because for everything, also for racing, there is a first time. That first day that you plant on the starting line of the San Silvestre, the 10 K that your neighborhood organizes or a charity race is a very special occasion that you will remember throughout your career as a runner: but do not let the nerves play you a bad trick committing one of these frequent mistakes.

Brand new clothes or sneakers: never, never, never release anything the day of a race. You do not release clothes, because you do not know if the seams of that new shirt will end up making chafing on your skin or if the waistband of those pants is going to be bothering you all the way. And, above all, do not release shoes : use a pair with which you have been training, at least, a few weeks to avoid injuries, blisters or discomfort.

Come up in the first kilometers: you’re on the starting line, surrounded by people and you have the adrenaline to the top. Surely there is music, speaker, cheering companions … Everything pushes you to run out runaway and putting all your energy, although surely this is not the best option. During the first kilometers you are full of energy and immediately you come up, but this rise of the beginning you can pay later. The best thing is always to dose the effort: try not to warm up at the start of the race and save your strength for the end.

Do not know the altimetry and the route of the race in which you will participate: it is necessary to know the route and, above all, the altimetry of the race to be able to dose and plan your effort. Planting in a 10-kilometer race without knowing that there is a good uphill at kilometer 9 can ruin your entire preparation. Locate where the slopes are up to save energy, where are the slopes below where you can drop legs or where there are straight lines that require more mental strength and organize your career plan based on this.

Change your feeding routine: the day of the race is to enjoy what you have trained, not to do experiments. Do not try new things, especially when it comes to food: this is not the time to try new energy gels (you do not know how they are going to sit on your stomach), or to have breakfast that new bar that you have been given and that you have not tried before. Repeat what worked well for you in practice and, of course, try this routine before putting it into practice.

Follow the rhythm of your friend (if you have not negotiated before): running with a friend is always better, but you have to be clear in advance what you are going to do during the race. You have to know what pace you are going to take, if you are going to look for a brand, if you are going to start calm and sprint at the end, from which kilometer you will accelerate … Remember that, in any case, you must make your career : you are the one who knows you best and the only one who knows what your sensations are when running. Talk to your partner before “D-day” to leave everything well tied.