Five isometric exercises to work the legs at home

Isometric exercises are a good alternative for toning and strengthening our muscles, and since we can find options for working the whole body, today we bring five isometric exercises to work the legs at home, without the need to use any equipment.

Isometric squat

It consists of holding the squat or squat position for a few seconds, which can be about 20 seconds or more depending on the level of previous training of each.

Although we can do it without more, we can execute it with the back against the wall for comfort, and an excellent alternative a little more intense is to perform isometric squats with one leg, against the wall, that is, raising one leg above the other As the following video shows:

With this exercise we will work quadriceps, gluteus maximus and to a lesser extent, other leg muscles.

Elevation of pelvis on floor or isometric bridge

Lying on our backs, feet resting on the floor and knees bent and both hands on the sides of the body, we lift the pelvis to hold the position for approximately 30 seconds.

We can raise one leg above the other for greater complexity of movement.

With this exercise of isometric contraction we will mainly work glutes and femoral.

Isometric Strides

Standing with both feet shoulder-width apart, we advance one leg and bend it 90 degrees, without the knee passing the tip of the foot. We hold the posture for about 20 seconds and change sides to work the leg on the opposite side, as you can see in the following video:

With this exercise we will request the effort of buttocks, femoris and quadriceps.

Isometric Heel Raises

Standing, with legs shoulder-width apart, we take off the heels of the floor to support us on standing tips for 20 to 30 seconds.

It can also be done with one foot for greater intensity.

With this exercise we will work with twins and soleus.

Isometric Adductors

Seated in a chair, with our legs bent at 90 degrees and separated from each other, we place the fists of the hand together between both knees, in the center of the body.

We join the legs to press against the fists, pushing through the muscular contraction. Hold the pressure for about 10 seconds and relax. We can repeat it 3 times if we wish. In the following video you can observe the exercise …

With this exercise we will work all the muscles located on the inner side of the thigh, that is, adductors and internal rectus.

If you want to work your legs at home, without using any equipment but achieving an equally effective effort, you can use these 5 isometric exercises that will allow you to exercise different muscles of the lower body. Do you dare to try them?

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