Five foods you can try and add to your diet if you want to eat healthier

If among your purposes for this year is to try a new food each month with the aim of giving variety to your diet, we recommend the following five foods that you can add to your dishes if you are looking to eat healthier.

More variety in the diet often implies diversity of nutrients and this encourages you to eat better and protect your health with adequate food, but of course we must choose the right foods to incorporate at the usual table. Therefore, we suggest the following five healthy foods to try and add to your diet:


The Quinoa is a good alternative to traditional cereals such as rice, pasta or flour and therefore is a very versatile food that also helps you to satiate your appetite with good nutrients.

As a cereal with legume-like properties, quinoa has more protein and fiber, has a healthy percentage of fats and is an excellent source of iron, B vitamins, potassium and magnesium, as well as potent antioxidants.

Quinoa can help you stay in shape, complement your training, and take care of your aesthetic with good nutrients. As if it were not enough, it is very tasty and easy to prepare, therefore, this is a food that you can try and you will never stop consuming it as part of your usual diet.


If you are a vegan you surely know it, but you can also add it to your usual diet as a good resource for solving foods easily and getting good nutrients.

Because of its neutral flavor, tofu is very versatile, and is nothing more than coagulated soymilk. Vegans use them to replace cheese. With this ingredient you can elaborate from a sandwich to a sautéed, skewers or a complete salad.

Tofu offers calcium, iron, quality proteins and good fats for the body as well as vitamins that our body needs. You can use this ingredient to make a variety of nutritious dishes and therefore, it is a food that we recommend to try even if you are not a vegetarian.


Surely you have heard of this product of Asian origin but you do not know what it is, because it is a food made from the fermentation of cereals and legumes (often soy or bean) with sea salt. Depending on the ingredient that gives rise to it there are different types of miso.

Miso is a source of prebiotics and antioxidants that can benefit health, especially at the intestinal level, and protect our aesthetics.

But in addition, the miso is very easy to use in the kitchen, since we can dissolve it in different preparations and thus, add proteins, vitamins and minerals with very good flavor. We can create from soups, to vinaigrettes, risottos, stews and more using miso.


The amaranth is like Quinoa, is a pseudocereal because it shares properties of cereals and pulses and therefore has a high content of fiber and protein, carbohydrates low glycemic index and also antioxidants, vitamins and minerals that our body needs.

For these qualities amaranth can protect the health of the organism, help us sate in a healthy way and also contribute to achieve a fit body.

Also, we can use it in raw, like seed to add to masses, shakes or salads, or, cooked like cereal like rice. Even we can make super protein and healthy amaranth popcorn .


The kale is one of the “superfoods” of the present but in reality it is no more than the usual kale which we find in its best time for these months of the year.

It is a food low in calories, rich in water, fiber, calcium, potassium, vitamin C, vegetable proteins and magnesium . Therefore, kale or kale is a food that you can not miss if you want to eat healthier and take care of your body inside and out.

You can add it to salads, sautéed soups, empanels, stews or as many preparations as your creativity allows, as it is used similarly to a green leaf.

Here are five foods you can try and add to your regular diet if you want to eat healthier by achieving more variety with new ingredients. Which of these have not yet been tested?

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