Complications of scarlet fever

Although currently many cases are not met, the scarlet fever involves complications that mostly affect children between 4 and 8 years. Let’s see what can be such complications.

This infection is caused by a bacterium that produces toxins and usually shows through skin rashes, sore throat, fever…

Typically, these first red scabs on the part of the face will appear and then spreading to the rest of the body.

In the case of pregnant women, scarlet fever does not produce any negative effect on the fetus, and is usually quite mild.

Complications of scarlet feverWhat are the complications of scarlet fever?

It is usually treated with antibiotic and slowly remitting those stains and other signs as they appear. But sometimes a series of can occur complications rare. There is a possibility extend through causing blood circulatory failure, meningitis and vomiting or sinusitis. You may also like to read:

Other harmful effects of scarlet fever:

  • Rheumatic fever. It can affect the heart, joints, skin and brain.
  • Renal disease. Also called post-streptococcal glomerulonephritis, produces an inflammation of the kidneys.
  • Ear infections.
  • Skin infections.
  • Infections tissue in the throat.
  • Pneumonia. An infection of the lungs occurs.
  • Arthritis. Joint inflammation occurs.

These assumptions do not usually occur if treatment indications given by the doctor properly followed.

How to treat complications from scarlet fever

The best way to avoid these details more serious is carrying out a series of hygiene serve as prevention. Wash hands frequently and not sharing personal items such as a towel or covered.

On the other hand, once diagnosed scarlet fever, the children have to stay home at least 48 hours while drugs are taking effect. They

Also have to drink lots of liquids and bland foods until it abates.

Had some knowledge of these complications of scarlet fever? Find out more health tips.

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