After our collection of dinners with fish and seafood, it is time to make another collection of quick and easy protein dinners, but this time, adding proteins with meats.

Although many of us constantly resort to the characteristic chicken breasts to cover daily protein needs, the truth is that we have at our disposal a wide range of meats that can give variety to our dishes while we continue adding the proteins we are looking for. Today we propose some of these ideas.

Protein recipes with meats

  • Turkey struddel with vegetables : the cooking technique of struddel, originally from Germany, despite not being well known in our country is a simple and innovative way to prepare a kind of cake (with sheets of filo pastry) filled with those meats and vegetables that we like the most.
    The appearance of the struddel says it all … but, in addition, with this rich recipe we will get a turkey-based dish with a protein contribution of 78g.
  • Pickled chicken salad : as in the case of seafood, salads are another good option to combine different meats. In particular, chicken is one of the white meats that are most often added to these dishes.
    In the recipe that we propose, the pickled chicken has the advantage of being consumed in later days, besides being a cooking technique that gives great variety and versatility to our dishes. This pickled salad provides a total of 47g of protein in only 440kcal.
  • Liver onions with broccoli : although it is not one of the most consumed meat trends, the liver is a food that stands out for its high content of phosphorus, iron and vitamins, and a dish option more than advisable for athletes and pregnant women.
    If you are not a friend of eating guts or you do not like its taste, you can try to prepare this dish of liver with onions and broccoli; a combination of perfect ingredients that will allow you not to intensely appreciate the flavor of this meat. 37g of protein and endless benefits await you in this recipe!
  • Grilled chicken with feta cheese : a simple option to consume protein while accompanying our plate of fresh tomato and feta cheese.
    A fast, simple and nutritionally guaranteed protein recipe that will provide a total of 42g of protein and 420kcal .
  • Baked turkey legs with potatoes : a classic and exquisite recipe to prepare, in a super simple way, a rich baked meat. In this case we have chosen to roast some turkey legs accompanied by potatoes and vegetables, although we can choose any type of meat, such as chicken or rabbit, and add the vegetables that we like the most.
  • Veal meatballs with vegetables : we have proposed different recipes of organ meats, chicken or turkey, so it is time to propose a protein recipe based on lean beef. This time we opted for a traditional recipe of meatballs, but with some changes that will adapt better to our needs.
  • Baked breasts stuffed with ham and cheese : this time instead of cooking the thigh, roast the whole chicken breast and stuff it with ham and cheese. The result will be fillets of chicken breast stuffed and accompanied by sautéed vegetables.
  • Chicken Caesar Salad : if there is a recurring salad, that is definitely the chicken Caesar salad. A variety of salad that is usually combined with chicken breast and that can be accompanied by different ingredients such as, for example, the characteristic toasted breadcrumbs.

The recipe that we propose brings 44g of protein and 375kcal, and all this in a Caesar salad in which we do not deprive ourselves of its sauce or the rest of its rich ingredients.