We always like to take a tour of the latest foods as far as nutritional properties are concerned. In this case we are going to stop in a type of seaweed that for many people is already part of their diet. It is the alga known as Chlorella. It is an algae to be taken into account by its energizing power, its high iron content and its purifying power. Hence it is so fashionable in sports nutrition in recent times.

The Chlorella seaweed is freshwater, and it is a type of seaweed that has been on the earth thousands of years. Until well into the twentieth century have not discovered their properties for human consumption. For this reason it is a food of more or less novel use. Many athletes use it to improve their diet, and despite this, many are still those who do not know what this alga can give us.

Source of vitamins and minerals

First we are going to stop in their nutritional contribution. Especially noteworthy are these algae because of their high content of vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. Not to forget its important content in proteins, since around 61% of its content is proteins, and in addition they are essential amino acids, necessary for a correct functioning of the organism. It also contains unsaturated fatty acids, chlorophyll, necessary to maintain a liver in perfect conditions, since it is a powerful purifier of the organism.

Keeps the iron in tune

What makes this seaweed one of the favorites for those who practice sports is because it will help us maintain perfect levels of iron in the body. On the one hand due to the quantities that it gives us of this mineral. But in addition, vitamin B12 will help us assimilate iron better. In this way, what we will get will be more vigor and in the long time much more energy when facing the different routines of training.

Ally of the digestive system

For purposes of the digestive system is a powerful ally, as it helps us regulate it. Above all it is necessary to emphasize the purifying power that this alga has and that will help us to keep the liver in perfect condition. Its effect on the body when purifying is spectacular, as it helps us get rid of heavy metals, dioxins, herbicides, pesticides …

Improves blood circulation

This algae is very good at improving circulation, as it helps us to regulate blood pressure, as well as being a good ally in the control of cholesterol present in the blood. Do not forget that its high content of iron and vitamin B12 will help improve the production of red blood cells by the body. To this we must add that it will help us to improve the cicatrization and the general state of the tissues.

An important source of antioxidants

We can not ignore the high mineral and vitamin content of this alga, which gives it a high antioxidant power. What it does is protect our cells from the effects of free radicals. By achieving a better cellular state we will achieve a much stronger health in all aspects. All this makes the immune system strengthen and our performance is much greater. It is therefore highly recommended to consider including chlorella in our diet.