Calcium is not only made with milk: Other sources of healthy calcium

Since always we have heard that milk is the best source of calcium that exists, and therefore we have always used it as essential food in our diet. But for many people milk represents more of an inconvenience than an advantage because of the side effects such as poor assimilation, intolerances … that causes. So on this occasion we want to offer another series of sources of calcium that have nothing to do with milk.

Many people need alternatives when taking the doses of calcium needed to enjoy perfect health. The problem is that they often do not know how to get it apart from the usual intake of dairy products. That is why it is necessary to have other alternatives, because surely ** many of these are even healthier ** or provide us with more calcium than the milk itself.

Calcium is not only made with milk Other sources of healthy calciumGreen leafy vegetables

First we are going to stop at green leafy vegetables . It is an important source of calcium and has nothing to do with dairy. Spinach, broccoli, kale, canon, arugula, parsley, aromatic herbs … All of them have high amounts of calcium in addition to other nutrients that will serve to keep our organism in perfect condition.


The nuts , particularly walnuts, are another important source of calcium that we should not lose sight. Almonds are another dried fruit that contains high doses of calcium, specifically contains 264mg per 100 grams of product, which represents 26% of the daily amount recommended for an adult human. Hazelnuts are also a dry fruit that will give us important amounts of calcium. It is true that the hazelnuts contain less amounts than the two previous fruits, but are very healthy and recommended to maintain a good levels of this mineral.

Marine foods

Many seafood is highly recommended when it comes to providing calcium. Among them we will highlight the sardines, concretely the canned ones, that contribute us very high amounts of calcium, concretely with 100 grams of product we would be covering the daily necessities. Prawns, shrimp, prawns, anchovies, sea bass and in general all blue fish are important sources of calcium, as well as contain other nutrients that will help us to achieve health in perfect conditions.

Vegetable seeds

Some seeds such as flax or sesame seeds contain very important amounts of calcium . Specifically flax seeds contain per 100 grams of product around 26% of the recommended daily amount. We can consume it in several ways, but the most common ones are in bread or in linen oil. The same thing happens with sesame because it contains very high amounts of calcium, because for 100 grams of product we can get around 99% of the amount needed per day. Therefore it is highly recommended to use as accompaniment or seasoning in foods.


Legumes are also an important source of calcium, specifically beans in all varieties. This food contains more moderate doses of calcium but it is still one of the most important, 100 grams of product gives us about 13% of the amount recommended daily for an adult human.


We should also highlight some fruits that are rich in calcium. It is true that the quantities that we will offer are lower than those of other more representative foods, but it is important to highlight them among the others. Let’s focus on orange, papaya or figs among other fruits. Therefore it is necessary that we take into account and include in the diet in order to achieve levels of calcium perfect to maintain a health of steel.

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