Are you trying to lose weight? This may be the best time

We never find the ideal day or stage when we work to improve health or get fit, but external factors such as the season or climate can condition our process. That is so if you try to lose weight, this may be the best time.

Cooler, more weight loss

Although we might think that warmer temperatures and more hours of sunlight benefit our habits and push us to lose weight, the opposite may happen.

Are you trying to lose weight This may be the best timeThose who voluntarily try to lose weight get more results in winter, according to a recent study published in Scientific Reports that found greater thinning with higher wind speeds and more rainfall as well as lower temperatures.

This was always in the hands of those who tried to lose weight voluntarily, that is, they thinned more in the cold but not in a magical way, but they carried out diet and weight self-control strategies as well as others to lose weight.

However, being exposed to the cold can be beneficial to our metabolism, since the lower temperatures encourage the production of brown adipose tissue or brown fat that promotes the oxidation of fats. Hence a lower ambient temperature can contribute to burn fat, lose weight or at least maintain it.

Similarly, exposure to a low ambient temperature can encourage the energy expenditure of our body and this, help to prevent weight gain or accentuate the results when we try to lose weight.

Therefore, we should not overheat the environments or take shelter too much but take advantage of this winter season to lose weight taking care of diet and other habits of life, as this may be the ideal time to get results.

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