An approach to acetyl l-carnitine

As summer approaches, more hurry up to lose that accumulated fat in the body throughout the winter. Many are the people who resort to external aid. This time we are going to stop at a supplement that many people use. It is Acetyl L-carnitine. It is a variant of the usual L-carnitine, but with some different properties that we think it is necessary to highlight.

It is true that acetyl L-carnitine and l-carnitine have many things in common in terms of the use properties of fats in the body, but they have other divergences that we will highlight and for this we want to stop exactly in the properties of acetyl. A priori is known as an aid to improve memory and is used as a preventive of Alzheimer’s. But it has another more properties in the sports arena above all.

An important aid for memory and brain functions

In the first place we are going to stop in that the acetyl l-carnitine is a substance that has properties that act directly in the memory. It is a compound that has a direct action on brain activity. Above all we must emphasize its action at the neuronal level and in the brain functions in a general way. It is a type of L-carnitine, only that it is often used more in sports performance and in the optimization of fats. In the case of acetyl l-carnitine is used primarily to strengthen the nervous and cognitive system, although it also has a direct action on the use of fats by the body.

It is a substance that has the quality of acting in the cellular mitochondria directly, but unlike conventional l-carnitine, acetyl l-carnitine has the quality of crossing the nerve barrier and acting at deeper levels . This quality makes this substance a very good help to improve our general nervous and brain functioning. Therefore, it will help us improve the nervous response at a general level.

An accelerator of cellular metabolism

At the cellular level, acetyl l-carnitine will act by accelerating their metabolism. What it does is get the cells to take better advantage of the fatty acids and better. Acetyl optimizes this process, since it acts just as much as the cells produce the energy. What makes this process more dynamic and accelerated. Therefore, its use is highly recommended when it comes to getting the necessary energy for sports performance.

Better use of fats and glucose

Do not forget that also at the blood level acts very well, since it makes the glucose we have in the body transform it into energy much more quickly and effectively. For all this acetyl l-carnitine will help us to eliminate fatigue and achieve a greater sport performance in general. It is necessary to emphasize that this function of utilization of the fats causes that this substance avoids the creation of adipose tissue, because it obtains a greater advantage of the food and the nutrients that it contributes to us.

Increase calorie burn

All this process converts it into a thermogenic, that is, it increases the burning of calories in the process of energy consumption and use of fats. Therefore it is a substance widely used in athletes. Therefore it is a good complement for periods of loss of body fat. Of course, it is necessary to consume it fasting and about half an hour before performing the exercise in question. It does not only work with aerobic workouts, as it is effective in any sport routine.

Some recommendations for use

We can find it in different versions in stores specializing in sports nutrition. Of course, it is always advisable to use it under the prescription of a nutritionist, doctor or specialist in food, as it can have side effects and be contraindicated for certain people. Of course, always respect the indicated dose to get the best effect in the body.

It is necessary that we bear in mind that this complement is not miraculous and that its operation depends very much on the type of life we ​​lead. The performance of exercise is fundamental, since its function is activated when we subject the organism to an effort and an extra energy requirement. Taking acetyl l-carnitine without practicing any activity will not do us any good.

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