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7 Habits that will help you sleep better

If you are someone who has problems when it comes to sleep, I can give you some clue to sleep better.

1 – Make your last meal at least two hours before bedtime and try to be light. When the stomach has a lot of work to digest, it is much more difficult to fall asleep. If you are hungry right before bed, drink a glass of water and see how the sensation of appetite disappears.

Sleep Better2 – Incorporating regular exercise throughout the day Having an active lifestyle helps you sleep better and regulate our sleep cycle, even when exercise occurs several hours before bedtime. In fact, avoid exercise right before bedtime; it will have the opposite effect. Therefore, look for time in the day to exercise and your dream thank you.

3 – Leave your work at work a good way is to prepare before you leave a list of tasks that start the next day. Thus, the brain can be removed. However, I understand that it may be difficult for you not to think about work at night (especially if you have an important meeting or presentation), but the better prepared you leave, the better you will sleep. Alternatively, put another way, the better you sleep, the better you surrender at work.

4 – Find your best time to sleep helps consolidate routines Establish good habits. Bed regularly at the same time not only predisposes the body and mind to rest but also allows you to have an optimal sleep. As a rule, estimated about 7 and a half hours before the time at which you want to wake up every day. Over time, you will be adjusting for the sleep you need (not all need the same hours). You should probably give up something (television, radio, etc.) but your health and rest grateful. In the end, it is a matter of choice, and the rest should be one of your priorities.

5 – Forget caffeine and alcohol in the hours before certainly you know the effects that caffeine and alcohol have in your brain and none is good to help you sleep. Stimulating capacity caffeine makes, you should avoid for many hours before. Moreover, on alcohol, although it may seem to have some effect and will prevent have sleep your body needs to rest.

6 – Find a relaxing activity (preferably without display) by now, you probably already know that the most common electronic devices in the bedroom (mobile, tablet, laptop) emit a light that suppresses melatonin, the hormone that “encouraged” to your body to sleep. Read a book, listen to some music, mind over the day can help you avoid using some devices that can ruin your sleep.

7 – Reduce the temperature of your body you have probably noticed that when it is cold outside, it is easier to sleep. This is because the body temperature naturally decreases at night when bedtime. Therefore avoids unnecessarily raise (excessive clothing, high heat) and try to keep it down. A hot water bath an hour before bedtime allows the temperature change that would improve your rest.

Believe it or not, bad habits at bedtime have a very negative impact on your health and in many cases, are the trigger other problems (apathy, emotional eating, etc.). These are some of the recommendations that I have worked with clients in health coaching processes are you game to share what works for you?

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