Slack and Google team up to boost team collaboration

In the battle for team management there are more and more participants who want a piece of cake. Microsoft recently launched Teams for Office 365. The most popular social network on the planet brought us Workplace by Facebook, and so far a reference in the world of these tools, Slack seems to be looking for a partner of weight not to lose the relevance that has won.

Last October Google Docs (now called G Suite) was updated with new smart features and integration with Slack that allows us to create and share documents and Drive files directly in the Slack chat. Now the two companies have announced that they extend further their collaboration, and become partners in the work. Google Cloud will come to maximize the capabilities of Slack.

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Google Drive is building a bot for teams that use Slack and Drive together, including the Docs, Slides and Spreadsheet apps. The bot will simplify the process when receiving notifications in collaborative documents, instead of receiving a lot of emails, the Google Drive bot will inform you of everything and will allow you to use message buttons to approve and reject comments directly from Slack .

Now Slack will also be able to verify the permissions of each user so that when you share a document in any chat, only the right people can access it.

Another new feature created especially for Slack is the possibility to create Drives for computers, spaces where a work team can store files and that will be associated to a channel within Slack. Any file uploaded to that channel will be automatically backed up in Google Drive.

Finally, in addition to sharing or creating Google documents from Slack, you will soon be able to preview the content of the G Suite files that are shared in any chat. All integrations will be available to your team during the first half of 2017.

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