How to delete multiple mailing list subscriptions from Gmail without using third-party services

Today we learned that the popular service to eliminate mail subscriptions that do not interest you, had been selling the data of its users to Uber, and once they were caught in it, issued a statement not apologizing, but expressing how they “broke the heart” the distrust generated to its users and also took the opportunity to remind us that we do not read the terms of service.

And they are right, companies that offer free services have to generate profits in some way, and if their business model is to sell the data of their users, we are the users who must decide if we are willing to exchange this for a service just because it’s free. will not be the first nor the only company that does this, but if now you know it, you find it uncomfortable to continue using it, try this solution …

Gmail Unsubscriber

In his blog the engineer and blogger Amit Agarwal has shared a method to eliminate unwanted mail subscriptions from your Gmail tray in a simple and batch, without having to resort to any third party service or give anyone access to your account. Google.

Agarwal has created a Google open source script that analyzes the content of batch emails and finds the link to remove the subscription. If the script finds the option to unsubscribe, it automatically presses it and deletes the subscription of your email.

If the service that sends the emails also requires you to send an additional message to complete the deletion, something that usually happens and generates another nuisance, the script also does it alone.

How to install the script in Gmail

  • Please click here to create a copy of the Google spreadsheet and copy it to your Google Drive.
  • Once the document is open, click on the new Gmail Unsubscriber option that appears in the menu and then select Configure.

You must give authorization to the script to access your Google data. Press continue to do so. Your data will not be stored or uploaded to any external site.

The next thing is to choose a name for the label, by default it is called “Unsubscribe”, you can change it for whatever you want, then press Save configuration and close the window.

The tag will take a couple of minutes to appear in your Gmail, but once it is there, you can apply it to any email you want to unsubscribe from, the script will do its magic, and in about 15 minutes you will be unsubscribed and you will not receive more. of those mails.

The spreadsheet in Google Drive will be filled with all the subscriptions removed and will show you the current status of the subscription, the sender and where is the link to unsubscribe.

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