Google wants to renew the CAPTCHA so you do not have to interact with them

The CAPTCHA have been accompanying us for years … and causing headaches alike. From the times when this country went crazy with the cyberlockers, where they were needed to download anything – anyone remember Rapidshare cats? – going through the current identity verification systems, its use is any Something less alien.

It is true that it is not a reliable system. It’s unsafe and easy to circumvent. “Returning to the cyberlocker issue, JDownloader allowed it for a while. Nowadays with the impulse of artificial intelligence that can recognize objects and generate phrases, and even use a PC as a human being, it may not be the most effective way to differentiate between a person and a machine.

Google has taken note of this and are trying to renew the system through Invisible ReCAPTCHA. The idea is to make the classic CAPTCHA a new experience of undetectable use using algorithms that detect whether you are a human being or not, and without you having to interact.

Google already had No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA

This is not the first Google project within this recognition system. Last year they launched No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA, a system that made things easier for users by ticking a tickbox next to the phrase I’m not a robot. This is already an advance against the classic CAPTCHA that requires solving a puzzle or writing a word.

In any case No CAPTCHA ReCAPTCHA evolved from Google’s Advanced Risk Analysis engine, which “actively considers the user’s involvement with the CAPTCHA – before, during and after – to determine if that user is human.”

If you have a web page and you are thinking about using Invisible ReCAPTCHA, then do not hesitate and sign up for the official website that Google has enabled for it. The service is not yet available and will take a while to arrive, but for now no specific dates are known.

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