Google tag as backsliders to webs that are again insecure “coming soon”

Last September Google announced that, starting in 2017, it would start tagging some of the non-HTTPS pages as unsafe. A news item that jumped back to the news briefing just a few days ago, when the entity explained in an interview at Wired the reasons for its decision. An initiative that is part of the security strategy of the Mountain View and an issue that we are forced to resume today.

Google tag as backsliders to webs that are again insecure coming soonIndeed, because the technology giant has just incorporated a new tag called “repeat infringes” for those websites that are compromised by “malicious agents” and “show inappropriate behavior” over a short period of time.

Who are repeat offenders

Specifically, this is a new Safe Navigation Policy for repeat offenders. If the page qualifies as such, the webmaster receives a notification in the mail with which he has registered in Search Console. From that moment you will not be able to ask for reviews through the same one for 30 days, the time that lasts “the punishment” and that will make that all those that try to accede to his page see the alert message.

To give you an idea, Google Safe Browsing is responsible for informing users that certain websites have called their interest because they violated certain security requirements related to unwanted software, phishing, social engineering or Malware. A notice that shows up until the moment the company responsible for the web takes action on the matter. However, it seems that some webs were being fought.

A situation to which Google has decided to take measures, ensuring it has done through a statement published on its official blog – that Safe Browsing will begin to classify this class of websites as Defendants. However, this will only affect those who “intentionally publish harmful content” and not those who, for example, are hacked.

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