Gmail declares war on JavaScript and blocks it for being unsafe

Google has decided to try to strengthen the security of Gmail, and has taken the decision to start preventing us from uploading and sending any kind of JavaScript file through its service. The decision was announced tonight through G Suit’s blog. The .js format files are linked in this way to the restrictions that already suffer others such as .exe, .bat and .msc.

With this move the search company will try to make it a little more difficult for attackers to send us dangerous files through email, files that as in the case of JavaScript, can be used to damage functions of our team or steal some kind of data.

This way, when you try to add a JavaScript file to an email by Gmail you will get a notification indicating that the file has been blocked . When you click the help link for more information, Google Mail will explain that it has done so because this type of format can spread viruses.

According to the company said the search engine, the blocking will begin to be effective from next February 13 . If from then for some reason you need to send a .js file, Google recommends you do so using links to Google Drive, Google Cloud Storage or any other solution in the cloud that you use.

The only doubt that leaves us this news is if it is a measure that will take only when sending mail or if when we receive one that contains this type of file will also be notified. It would not hurt to think about people with less knowledge , that if they block the shipments of these files at least warn of their danger in the event that we receive them, especially since they can have sent them using another mail client.

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