Multi-network data SIMs have many advantages

Every new customer has different requirements for functionality, delivery, and configuration.

These are the four top benefits that customers want, no matter what industry they operate in.

Robust, always-on connectivity

These SIMs are a great option for businesses that have multiple locations or move between them. The best network coverage is achieved, no matter where you are. It eliminates the need to manually change SIMs, or order SIMs for fixed locations. This also prevents any interruptions in data sharing, which can cause anything from mild inconveniences to cataclysmic problems for an organisation. For a Multi Network Data Sim, visit Lister Communications

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Full control and flexibility

SIMs can be programmed with specific permissions or functionality to prevent abuse. The SIMs can be locked to one device, unlocked and moved if required. They can also provide fixed addresses.

Aggregated data

Unsure which device will consume the most data? It’s no problem. Data can be pooled which makes it cheaper, so you have more data where you need it.

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Work requirements that are safer, easier and more convenient

With these SIMs, you can get the data you need even if you have to send your staff to remote locations or difficult-to-reach places. SIMs are used in drones and sensors, as well as CCTV, GPS, and other equipment. This means you can also get data when there is a shortage of manpower or in bad weather. You can also get alerts on faulty equipment so you can complete necessary maintenance before the damage or cost increases.

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