Mozilla Firefox is the internet browser uses the so many people throughout the world. The Mozilla Firefox is simply called as the Firefox by the so many users. This is normally a web browser and developed for the internet browsing applications and also to get the important information from the internet. The Mozilla Firefox was developed in the year 2002 on September 23. The first released also held on this date 23rd September. The Firefox has the Gecko search engine which is used to give the number of web pages on the internet. And this is also used for to get the information through the browsing.

Mozilla Partners SpiceThe Mozilla Firefox looks forward to not ready to take the any other brands like Android based Smartphone’s which are available at low cost. This Firefox gives the idea that, not prepared, and abandoned its Firefox OS in the Android mobiles which is in the cheap cost. Finally, it is not set to invite the bigger type of band such are mobile phones which are in Android based.

This Mozilla Firefox has declared the statement is that, combining with the top most Smartphone brands such are Intex and Spice. This Firefox has joined along with the Intex and Spice to develop the first Firefox OS mobiles in India in the coming months. This tie-up is only because to make the best Firefox OS based mobiles in India.

The person Sanjay Kumar Karlirona, who is the head of Intex Technologies, said that, “Intex is eager to declare the connection with the Firefox and this connection is for will develop the Smartphone on the recent Firefox platform. And Intex is very excited to tie-up with the Firefox to develop the Firefox OS based handsets”. “The OS platform will provide for us in the development of sales in the market. And this platform will also be used to update the buyers from the features handsets to Smartphone’s. The Intex is thinking that, this platform will go in the market excellent way. This will work in the proper way while using the web, when compared to our mobiles. This platform will go as the better than the other devices, but takes the participation later to make the web as for the platform of handsets”.

The person Dilip Modi, who is the CEO and founder of Spice, said that, “We are the technology developments in the telecom industry of all over India. We have been developing the excellent mobile phones by the experience developers. The Firefox joined us to develop the Firefox OS based phones and to take this OS via our handsets in the Indian market for the swims throughout the country. This connection with the Mozilla to us is looking for to take up the best products in to the market as convenience the customers. With this partnership we have the high better outlook to raise the products in the market. We are also thinking that, to create the excellent products for our consumers. These handsets are making sure to create the exciting products for the customers and the users can enjoy while using this handsets”.

As per the experts said, these Firfox OS based phones will be available in the Indian market with the minimum cost $25 and in Indian currency Rs1500 after this year.

The person Gong Li, who is the chief of the Firefox, said that, “at present the Firefox phones we are charged to more than $60”.

The Gong said to the WSJ “with this price, $25 is not a problem with the both features of phones such are Smartphone and feature phone and this price would be helpful for the all the type of customers and also useful to convince of the consumers”.