What are the mistakes that you should avoid costume in the office?

What are the mistakes that you should avoid costume in the office? We offer a detailed guide that you cannot ignore.

There are times when you need to prove your professionalism at the start of a job, especially if you take an internship, your employers want to know if they can take you seriously. You do not want to give them reasons to think you do not care, even if your behavior and performance can be very good, your appearance may indicate otherwise.

Be careful! Take the following into account, to avoid falling into these errors costume.

  • Your underwear or bra straps come to the surface: Invest in the right kind of underwear and use it as the outfit you’re wearing a panty line that looks in your pants or straps that are out of your blouse can be made make you look sloppy.
  • Your blouse / skirt / dress or whatever is clear: It depends on where you work, even a transparent blouse on a bra may look inappropriate neutral, transparencies can be distracting and you do not want that.
  • You try to use the same outfit for a night out If you’re at work, dress for work. Come up with other clothes or change at work makes you look unprofessional, push your appointment for later, and will give you time to get home to get ready.
  • Arrive with wet hair: Your boss will not expect you to accomplish important tasks if you cannot wake up early to fix your hair and look presentable.
  • If you need to stick your butt out to every time you bend over,y our skirt is too short: Use a longer or just wear pants.
  • Your heels interfere with your work: If your boss sees you walking at the time you should be running, he’ll think you do not cooperate or you just do not careconsiders templates within silicone, thicker heels or ballet flats.
  • Your makeup screams anything but professionalism:K eep your makeup to a minimum and try to look natural and well polished.
  • Your attire confuses people: If you do not want people to see you and wonder what goes through your head when getting dressed. Ask yourself if your outfit is too sexy, quirky or revealing, if a little voice tells you it is, you should reconsider.
  • While thinner straps are your blouse, the lower the chance that you take seriously: Strapsspaghetti blouses or strapless are completely unsuitable for the job.
  • Your clothes are too delicate: If you dress just to look nice message that you are probably not able to help anything.If you’re playing an internal will to do the tasks that no one wants, but if you look like a princess nobody asked for your help, at the end of the internship it will be reflected negatively.
  • Just because you’re young does not mean its right to dress as a girl: If you want to deal with responsibilities of big people, avoid at all costs-shirts graphic with children posts, heart-shaped jewelry or clothes to baby doll.

There you have it, do not let your hard work is affected by these common mistakes. Your wardrobe can go according to your quality of work and professionalism.

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