Hot spring/summer 2016 fashion trends

Although winter is still with us, our thoughts are already turning to spring and summer when we can banish the winter blues for another year. As we look forward to warmer weather, we can also look forward to what fashion has to offer. Here we explore some of the things we should be wearing in spring/summer 2016.

Hot spring summer 2016 fashion trends

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According to the Guardian, one of the key trends for spring/summer 2016 is a shirt worn backwards; however, if you are looking for something a little more mainstream, high street shops and online retailers have some other key looks for the season that may be easier to pull off.

What colours should you be wearing?

There is always much excitement surrounding the key colours that designers and trend forecasters have decided we should be wearing. Colours for spring/summer 2016 include some brights, such as yellow, red and green, and more muted shades such as lilac, coffee and grey. This means there should be something to suit just about everyone.


Whether it is a handbag, statement jewellery or shoes, the accessories you choose to go with an outfit can make or break it. Spring/summer 2016 is no exception. Earrings should be as long and dangly as you can cope with, while bags with either graphic prints such as stripes and dots or in plain white are the thing to be seen with. Sandals should be solid and chunky, while more formal shoes should be as sparkly as you like. Shoes that tie around the ankle are also on trend.

Formal wear and casual wear

Dresses for spring/summer 2016 should bear a resemblance to nightwear, with long, silky styles seemingly the way to go. If you prefer to opt for something more traditional, the look is all about femininity with an abundance of flowers.

As far as more casual dressing is concerned, tops that expose the shoulders are very on trend; meanwhile, women’s jeans that end above the ankle are the thing to wear, such as those available from Denim is also being used in dresses and skirts.

If being on trend is important to you, try to replicate at least one of these key looks. They will be available to buy in your local high street or through your favourite online retailer.

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