perfect party look

Get your perfect party look for the festive season

The party season demands a dazzling appearance – so how can you make sure you really shine?

perfect party look

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The right outfit

Forget tasteful and discreet, Christmas is the perfect excuse to go over the top with sequins and daring party dresses! Pick something that shows off your best assets – whether that’s a nifty pair of pins, a defined pair of arms, or a fabulous d├ęcolletage. Remember, if you’re going for a low neckline, then you need a longer hem, and vice versa, to ensure you stay on the right side of classy! There’s no need to buy a brand new outfit if you’ve got some basics in your wardrobe. A little black dress can be updated with a sparkling neck collar, and even a great pair of dark jeans can be made party ready with some sky-high heels and a slinky top.

The hair

Up do’s are wonderfully stylish and can really lift your features when you are feeling tired. Another benefit is that they work best on hair that hasn’t been washed in a day or two, so they can provide a great styling solution when you’re short of time. Opt for relaxed twists and high buns, or apply plenty of texturizing spray and root booster to dry hair to give your longer locks a full boost. Pretty accessories look great under party lights: try a sparkling clip or diamante grips for an eye-catching finish.

The face

Christmas make-up follows the same rules as festive season outfits – if you want to sparkle, then now is the time of year to get away with it! The eyes are a great feature to bring out with metallic hues or even pure, bold glitter. Try using a pigment pot for a bold colour pop, or a metallic eyeliner for an arresting feline finish. Don’t forget your eyelash curlers either and plenty of thickening mascara for beautiful peepers. Make sure you have white sparkling teeth if your lips are going to be a beautiful feature. The best UK Smile examples will always have lovely teeth. Use a whitening polish to restore your natural shine and remove surface stains, or achieve a really noticeable finish with a professional whitening treatment at UKSMILE.

Finally, don’t forget how far a ready smile and a willingness to dance will take you in the festive party season!

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